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Women's Cannabis Groups Are Growing In Popularity

Cannabis culture has hit an all time high and no one is working harder to spread the good word than the many women's organizations dedicated to educating, inspiring and providing the best information available to promote wider acceptance of one of the largest growing industries in the world.

According to a survey conducted by Marijuana Business Daily, women account for 36% of executive-level positions in the cannabis industry, which dwarfs the average for U.S. companies in general which is only 22%. It's not hard to see why. The industry has only recently gained widespread acceptance as a result of changing legislation, and new markets offer fewer road blocks.


However, what really seems to be driving more and more women to this burgeoning market is the same community strategies that have made mom blogs a multi-million dollar industry. Organizations like Women Grow, LadyBud, and the NORML Women's Alliance are working around the clock to build communities where women can congregate with one another in forums where their voices will not be drowned out. Their goal is to empower one another through education and lead to wider and wider acceptance of the benefits of cannabis.

We chose these three groups because they are the cream of the crop and each offer unique and helpful insights for women (and men!) looking to openly discuss a topic that is finally becoming less taboo.


Women Grow is only 2 years old, but it boasts the largest national network of cannabis professionals across the country. Their growth is due, in no small part, to their plethora of networking events. This month alone they have events scheduled in 37 US cities and 5 locations in Canada. These vents welcome women and men who are involved in the cannabis industry or who are looking to get started. They recently ran an event in VapeWorld's backyard, Delray Beach, with the theme of "What Does Legal Cannabis Look Like in Florida?"

These kind of networking events are crucial to a future where cannabis businesses are widely accepted and eagerly sought out by investors and motivated entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that some of the biggest futures in the Cannabis industry will be the product of intuitive and enterprising minds that found one another at one of Women Grow's signature events.

You can learn more about these events on the Women Grow website.

Ladybud_BlogLadybud started in April of 2013, just before the 4/20 holiday. They are a lifestyle publication and their website explains that their writers are comprised of "mothers, fashionistas, activists and the average American woman." They don't shy away from any topic, ranging from legal activism to sex. The writing is a no holds barred approach that makes a clear statement that they aren't scared of the traditional marijuana media that caters to young men and the party culture.

In addition to news about legislation and entertaining and insightful pieces about cannabis culture, they also have great content built around health, beauty, science and reviews about food, music and more. Larger publications have noticed them as well as they have been picked up by HuffPo, USA TODAY and more.

Give them a visit at

NORML_BlogNORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, has been fighting marijuana prohibition since 1965. Recognizing the crucial role women could play in their efforts, they created the NORML Women's Alliance Foundation. Their goal is stated simply: "Join Us. Change Your World." They are especially concerned with the antiquated laws that drive millions of youths to engage in the illegal sale and transferring of marijuana.

These mothers, sisters, daughters and wives are creating a community that focuses on the injustices that are continuing to be heaped on those seeking for freedom to consume cannabis whether it be for medical uses or recreational. Their social following of nearly 90,000 Facebook fans shows just how committed their community is to righting the wrongs that NORML is bringing to light.

You can find out how to join the fight at

Did we miss any of your favorite groups or organizations? Let your voice be heard in our comments section.