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Official VapeWorld Vaporizer Glossary

Vaping doesn't need to be foreign language.  We've broken down what you need to know to hold a convo with the pros. 

As vaporizers and vaping are becoming more popular, words are starting to pop up that you may have never heard before. What is an atomizer, anyway? What is the difference between the Volcano vaporizer's Solid Valve and Easy Valve?

At VapeWorld, we want our customers to be in the know. This is why we've created a master list of words you will find all over our website and out there in the real world, too!

This glossary includes everything from the different type of grinders to main parts of the vaporizer anatomy. As vaporizer popularity grows, so will our dictionary. So if you're dying to find out what ABV stands for, find out in VapeWorld's Vaporizer Glossary of Terms.

Do you have any questions about vaping that need to be answered? Maybe there are some terms you're thinking of that we could help you define. Tell us in the comments. We want to hear from you!