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VapeSpotting: 2015 Oscar Swag Bag Includes Vaporizer

Celebrity vape spotting has become more present in recent years, and this year, the Academy Awards will take it up a notch. The lucky attendees of the 2015 Oscars will leave with a vape in hand, and we absolutely love it!

Vapes made a recent Hollywood debut when the Volcano and the Vaporbrothers vaporizers showed up in the 2013 movie "This is the End" starring the inseparable Seth Rogan and James Franco.

Then the sassy, sharp-witted Sarah Silverman was spotted at the 2014 Emmys proudly displaying her vape pen on television while being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet. Of course, the side-splitting Broad City girls have been the most open on-screen vaporists we've seen so far.

Sarah Silverman using a vape pen | VapeWorld
We see a lot of comedians pathing the way for PDV (Public Display of Vaping), but the Oscars just bulldozed the heck out of it by including a vape in every one of the presenters', performers', and winner's' gift bags.

This year, these Oscar attendees will be going home with a $125,000 swag bag, including a vaporizer, a $250 Afterglow vibrator, and more - (we're personally digging the luxurious train ride through the Canadian Rockies valued at a whopping $14,500).

So what is the mystery vaporizer that will be gifted to all of the celebs? At first, some might've thought that it was a Pax, but it's official now: everyone is getting a brand new Haze portable vaporizer! This vape is the first of its kind, bringing two heating chambers in one vape to the market. You can have this baby locked and loaded with two chambers filled with your material, ready for whatever your day's journey may lead you to. The Haze also features a glass draw stem, an LED temperature display, a removable lithium-ion battery, and a 10 year warranty. On top of all that, you can switch between your concentrates and aromatic blends. We love variety!



We can't wait to see which celebs are showing off their new Haze vaporizers at the 87th Oscars. You can watch with us on February 22nd. Until then, vape on!

images via nbcnews, buzfeed