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Teensy Bake Oven: Twice Baked!

If you didn't catch our April Fools joke last week, you can see it here. Spoiler alert: We fabricated a tiny oven that attaches to your vape of choice and creates tiny bite-sized treats. The feedback we got, though? Priceless. 

We're not going to lie, our team got a really good laugh out of it, and apparently so did everyone else! You wouldn't believe our surprise when we saw these hilarious reviews on the Teensy Bake Oven page. Alas, we had to take the page down, but the reviews must be shared. They're too good to go unread:

"Why did this idea take so long? Thinking of selling the microwave to buy more batteries to keep up with my baking.  Friends and family just can't seem to get enough.  I may have to put in a drive-up window to keep up with demand! Thanks, Great Product!" 

"I bought one… …and I’m already baked!"

"Donate your $1, well worth it Don't think about it, just do it!"

"Absolute game-changer in the world of microbaking. VapeWorld, you've done it again! This Teensy Bake Oven is an absolute steal at $0.99! (Three easy payments of $0.33!) I got one for Mom; she absolutely loves it! I'm her favorite son again. LOL! The Michelin chefs have outdone themselves. Baking was never so much fun!"

"Must Buy! Probably the best value on this site. Got me exactly where I wanted to be in seconds. Pizza for days."

Some people knew right away it was a joke, but others? Not so much. Did you get fooled this April 1st? I may or may not have thought that this diamond encrused Ascent vaporizer was real... shhh.

Anyway, we're so glad to see there are some good sports out there who played along with our silly joke. #Vapeheads are the best! Come back and see us again next year; we'll have something even better for you!