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National Week of the Ocean

It may not come as a surprise that our staff is passionate about our Earth and its natural wonders. Our team here is made up of scuba divers, snorkelers, fishermen, boaters, surfers, and ocean enthusiasts alike. It may be because of how close we are located to the water, or maybe it's just in our blood.

Today is the start of National Week of the Ocean. This will be the 32nd season of celebrating and observing this occasion, and this week is important. It encourages individuals to learn more about the ocean, including the creatures that live there, and the explorers who venture to its depths and present new research on new medicines and species.

The ocean is simply magical, and plenty mysterious. Shockingly, we know more about outer space than we do about the ocean, even though a whopping 72% of the Earth is made up of it!

 width= Soft Coral img via news.discovery

 width= Cuttlefish img via news.discovery

This week is a friendly reminder that because the ocean makes up most of our planet, we need to protect it. It's up to us to ensure a cleaner, healthier ocean for the future generations. Even something as small as recycling makes a huge difference.

We can help do our part of protecting our oceans by:

  • Respecting the wildlife that lives there
  • Moving away¬†from plastic bags and other unnecessary plastic materials
  • Being aware of where our¬†seafood comes from
  • Staying¬†active in¬†taking a stand against offshore-drilling and ocean-dumping
  • Always picking up after ourselves when we visit the beach

 width= Manta Ray img via news.discovery

 width= Humpback whale and calf img via news.discovery

 width= Nudibranch img via Oceana

The beautiful specimens that make up almost three quarters of our planet will never cease to be awe-inspiring. From the Blue Whale, the largest animal on the planet, to plankton, the ocean is home to many unbelievable and marvelous living things, and continues to support life on Earth.

Do you enjoy exploring the marine life below the surface or do you spend your time admiring from above? Leave us a comment and let us know: what is your favorite thing about the ocean?