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Interview: Inside the Minds of Vapium

We were fortunate enough to meet with Michael Trzecieski (CEO) and Lisa Harun (CMO), the creators of Vapium, after they just launched their first vaporizer, the Summit. Check out what they had to say about how they entered into the industry and what the future looks like as we talk robotics and vaporizers in this special interview. 

VapeWorld: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Vapium?

Vapium: We are a group of adventurers who are passionate about technology and wanted to share that with the world by developing cool products.

VapeWorld: You left a rapidly growing robotics industry to join another industry with exponential growth. What was the catalyst?

Vapium: The field of toy robotics, which is where my specialty lies, was on the decline. The catalyst was seeing an opportunity to apply my knowledge of design engineering and manufacturing to this rapidly expanding field.


VapeWorld: As you know, many portables have launched within the last year. What sets your vaporizer apart from the rest?

Vapium: Rugged design, clean vapor, customization and haptic feedback notification.

VapeWorld: What are you most proud of in the Summit? 

Vapium:¬†We have made a tool that we are proud of using and proud to share. We have ‚Äčcreated the GoPro of vaporizers; a¬†versatile tool for the adventurer.

 /></p><p><strong>VapeWorld:</strong> <em>The Summit is built for all-weather conditions - where is the most extreme location that you've taken your Summit?</em></p><p><strong>Vapium:</strong> To Lake Tahoe at 10,000 ft.</p><p><strong>VapeWorld:</strong> <em>We know that you just released the Summit, but we need to know, what's next for Vapium? Do you have any plans for a concentrate accessory or any other accessories? </em></p><p><strong>Vapium:</strong> We have just launched the <a href=SPRING solar charger as a perfect accessory for Summit when taking it on the go. What's next is innovation and cooler tech... but you have to stay tuned for what's next.

Vapium Solar Charger

VapeWorld: As the industry begins to mature, what do you predict for the future of vaporizers? 

Vapium: Higher standards and increased regulations for the manufacturers and in this vein we have invested in our cleanroom manufacturing facility.

Thank you again to Lisa and Michael for doing this interview with us. We are excited to see what Vapium offers the vape industry in the future. As always, we will keep you updated with the latest news!

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Images courtesy of Vapium