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The taste, the temperature of the vapor and the consistency of your draws are all huge advantages to using a vaporizer for your concentrates. But there are definitely times when you want to absolutely blow your mind, and the best way to get your brain matter to stick to the walls is with the new Snoop Doggℱ glass collection by Famous Brandz, in particular the Battleship!

Famous Brandz brought the world the extremely popular Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smokeborosilicate glass water pipe line, and now they have teamed up with the Dogg-Father himself, Mr. Snoop D Oh’ Double G to bring us their collaboration, POUNDSℱ. Snoop designed the five pieces of this lineup with Famous Brandz to be heavy hitting, aesthetically fresh and to “shizzle my nizzles for rizzle”. They are named after his five recording studios: Spaceship, Rocketship, Starship, Mothership and the star of the show today, Battleship.

Battleship is one of two concentrate rigs in the POUNDS collection and it is for sure the mack daddy, standing at 12.5” and consisting of 5.0mm of hand-blown borosilicate glass. It comes in a beautiful white collector’s box with Snoop Dogg’s official POUNDS glass logo, complete with a glass POUNDS Tool (concentrate tool), turbine and honeycomb percolators, quartz banger, glass dome and nail. The quality of the banger is impressive; the glass is hearty and fits the 14.4mm male joint perfectly. The traditional nail and dome are standard fare, but if you dig kickin’ it old school like Snoop in 94’ sippin’ on gin and juice, then the addition of the nail and dome are quite a welcomed addition to the package.

When I pulled the POUNDS Battleship out of its box I was in awe of the thickness of the glass and the size. Battleship boasts three percolators (two tornado percolators sandwiching a perforated honeycomb percolator) in the main chamber that efficiently creates powerful filtration for your vapor, giving you cooler, larger draws. The spiraling effect from the tornado turbines really steal the show creating a vortex within the main chamber of the rig. It’s one of the most visually pleasing water pipes to watch somebody else hit, the function of the water is flawless.

I love big rigs for concentrate! Some argue that a small rig is better, but my theory is that you have more distance for the vapor to travel in a bigger rig, especially with the massive amount of tornado percolation in conjunction with a honeycomb perc. The Snoop Pounds Battleship comes with either fully clear glass or clear with black appointments, clear with red appointments or clear with white appointments. The one that I reviewed was the fully clear water pipe and it looked super clean, just like scientific glass should be. The downstem was perfectly angled and straight, the reinforcement was joined to the joint seamlessly and added to the sturdiness and quality of the piece overall. I could smell it in the air -- the smell of impending war! I was about to engage in battle with the Battleship!


I filled the side-car style mouthpiece with water and watched it trickle down into the chambers below. You want the water to touch the bottom of the lowest turbine percolator. For the other two chambers, you stop filling when they are approximately half filled. This will give you a super smooth action where the tornado turbines really whip the vapor around creating more distance for cooler smoke.

I attached the quartz banger to the male joint on Battleship, took a nice .2 gram piece of concentrate on my sweet new Pounds Tool and got my rose gold Newport Jumbo at the ready. I applied a medium high flame from the torch on the banger for about 40 seconds until I could see it start to glow orange. I waited about 20 seconds before taking a huge draw while simultaneously stirring my concentrate into the bucket of the banger. A good tip for using a rig is that the more steady your pull the more efficiently you’ll cool the smoke. It may seem that the more cautiously you draw the lighter the vapor will be, but it will actually be harsher as the percolators won’t engage without enough suction.

The draw I took was absolutely stunning, huge clouds of tasty lemony vapor. The quartz banger combined with immense percolation path created by the water gave one of the most flavorful experiences ever. I could taste so many more notes of my concentrates than with some of my smaller rigs and for the amount of vapor that I exhaled, it was very smooth. The draw has a medium light resistance, so even those without power lungs can get a great haul on this thing despite its size. I couldn’t have been any happier, especially when you consider you’re getting a piece of pop-culture, smoking and hip-hop history. The price is also amazing, when I saw the sticker on the Battleship I thought I was hallucinating, it performs as well, or better than, scientific pieces costing 4x the price.

JoJo’s Final Thoughts: This is one of the most fun pieces in my glass collection and it always blows my friend’s minds when I bust it out. The percolation is top notch, the glass is super thick and sturdy, the joints are blown perfectly and overall it’s a true beast. Snoop isn’t known for being a concentrate guy, but man did he put some love into the design on this rig. The function is tremendous and the packaging makes you really feel like you purchased something special and unique. It is worth every penny, a must buy for any fan of Snoop or concentrate rigs in general. Take a chance, Columbus did! 

Retail Price: $279.99
For Use With Concentrates: Yes
For Use With Flowers: Yes (Bowl Not Included)
Oven Material: Quartz Banger / Glass Nail and Dome
Vapor Path: Borosilicate Glass
Percolators: Turbine / Honeycomb / Turbine
Dimensions: 12.5”
Colors: Clear, Black, Red, White