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4 Vapes You Need at a Music Festival

Traditional methods are sooo Woodstock! We strongly believe that vaping and music festivals go hand-in-hand, so we've made a list of the top 4 portable vapes we believe are perfect for your outdoor festival antics.

4 Vapes You Need at a Music Festival | Bonnaroo | VapeWorld Blog

Everyone is talking about music festivals lately, and for good reason. We get it; there’s nothing better than dancing the day (and night) away to your favorite group, screaming your lungs out and not having a care in the world.

4 Vapes You Need at a Music Festival | Bonnaroo | VapeWorld Blog

Doesn't matter if you're rocking out at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, Florida, living it up on the beach at Hangout Festival in Alabama, or camping at Bonnaroo in Tennessee. We want you to be prepared, so take a peek at these vapes and see which one you think may fit your travel plans.

Pax vaporizer by Ploom – Lightweight and pocketable, Pax's battery life will hold up. It's easy to use, so you're not messing around when you're multitasking and trying to take care of business (e.g. jamming out while vaping).

Ascent vaporizer by DaVinci – Ah, the gift of choice. This vape is perfect for if you want to switch between your dried blends and concentrates. You know it's going to be a long day, so might as well bring both!

Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizer – It's tiny, fits in the palm of your hand, and it's easy to shove it in your pocket when you're done. Don't forget extra batteries!

WISPR 2 vaporizer – This hand-held vape looks like a walkie-talkie and runs on butane power, so you don't need to carry around any extra batteries or chargers. Just load it beforehand and go. Great for camping! We're looking at you, Bonnaroovians.

Check out these vapes and more on our Knowledge Base!

 /></p><p><h2>7 Important Things to Remember</h2></p><p><strong>Do:</strong></p><p><ul></p><p>	<li>Get a set list! You’ll want to know where and when your favorite bands are playing so you can plan and get there early. Front row is where it’s at!</li></p><p>	<li>Make a point to see some groups you've never heard of. You may just find your next favorite artist.</li></p><p>	<li>Eat, stay hydrated, be happy, and throw your trash in a garbage receptacle!</li></p><p>	<li>Make a list and check it twice. For inspiration, use our list of <a href=Music Festival Essentials.


  • Forget the sunscreen – it should be obvious, but burnt skin and faded tattoos are not a good look.
  • Bring anything you would be upset about losing – i.e your super nice camera or your pet fish, Sven.
  • Be a Negative Nancy. Spread the love, hug strangers (if your mom says it's okay), and dance your face off!

What festival will you be attending this year, and what vape are you bringing with? Let us know in the comments!

4 Vapes You Need at a Music Festival | Bonnaroo | VapeWorld Blog

Images via Vans Warped Tour, Bonnaroo, and Hangout Music Festival.