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What Does Your Vape Say About You?

People are attracted to certain vapes for a reason. Each vape has its own personality just like you do, and it only makes sense to pick the vape that matches your lifestyle and uniqueness. It got us wondering: what makes someone gravitate towards a certain vape? 

Choosing a portable vaporizer is so hard these days with a billion choices out there on the market. More keep flooding in, but you won't hear us complaining. Each individual, creative mind that invents a new vape brings something new to the table, and that is one of the greatest things about this industry. It's not just about appearance anymore, but about new technology and forward thinking. People want a product that they can relate to. If everyone had the same vape, how boring would that be?

Whether you're always out and about at some big social gathering, or can be found in more low-key areas, we believe that there is a special vape out there for everyone. From our experience and unofficial research, we've gathered that there are some interesting characteristics we've recognized in our vapehead friends that go with their vaporizer of choice. Do you feel like any of these portables relate to you?


You are a wild child; an offbeat rebel for sure. Open to new things, extroverted, and always on the go. You can probably be found at a music festival such as Bonnaroo or Ultra. We know you like to party, you animal, you! Plus, how can you resist a vape with a built-in party mode feature?

Pax | What Does Your Vape Say About You


We might be able to find you in a coffee shop, headphones in, working on your latest writing project, or in a bookstore picking out your next good read. You could be a fine wine or craft beer lover, and who can blame you? You are truly an artist at heart, a dreamer, and let's not forget intuitive -  just like the Firefly.

Firefly | What Does Your Vape Say About You


You're inventive, creative, and you probably care about the quality of the things you possess. The Crafty is perfect for the vapehead who is always attached to their smartphone, and someone who's a complete computer wiz. This one isn't for everyone, since you probably won't find grandma using her Crafty with its built in remote control app, but it is definitely the techie's perfect accessory.

Crafty | What Does Your Vape Say About You


We would venture to guess that you love adventure. We can probably find you out camping in the wilderness or skiing in Tahoe. The Summit is built for someone who loves being outdoors since it's been designated as the weather-friendly vape. The next time you go rock climbing with your Summit, take us with you, please!

Summit Vaporizer |What Does Your Vape Say About You

Which of these portables do you think you relate to the most? Let us know, and stay tuned for the Desktop Edition of "What Does Your Vape Say about You?"

If you want any additional information on any of the vapes you see here, visit our Knowledge Base!