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Video: Get to Know the Alfa Vaporizer

Get to know the Alfa vaporizer! In less than two minutes, you'll learn how to prep it, how to load it, and how to use it. If you're looking for a simple to use, pocket friendly vape with great vapor production, look no further than the Alfa.

What's in the Box

Your Alfa vaporizer comes with an extra mouthpiece, three extra screens, three toothpicks, three cleaning sticks, a usb charging cable and an AC wall adapter.

Vape Anatomy

The Alfa has a very simple design with aluminum housing, a mouthpiece at the top, and a power and temperature dial. The charging port is located on the side of the Alfa.  The stainless steel heating chamber is located on the bottom.  To adjust your temperature or use one of the automatic settings, simply turn the dial to your preferred setting.

 /></p><p><h4>Charging & Setup</h4></p><p>Charge your Alfa fully using the included USB cable or AC adapter before first use. The LED will show red while charging and turn green when it’s fully charged.</p><p><h4>Usage & Loading</h4></p><p>Grind your blends finely, and load the heating chamber fully. Be sure not to load too tightly, or load higher than the top of the stainless steel heating chamber. Turn the dial to your desired setting; low, medium, or high. There are also two automatic modes: Heat by draw, and heat by time.</p><p>The Alfa’s Heat by Draw mode will start the unit off at 374°F, and increase the temperature with every draw until it reaches 428°F.</p><p>The Alfa’s heat by time mode will start the unit off at 374°F, and then the Alfa will incrementally increase in temperature every 3 minutes until it reaches a maximum temperature of 428°F.</p><p><img src=Alfa at VapeWorld today!

For more information on the Alfa, visit our Knowledge Base for FAQ's, tips and tricks, and more!