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VapeWorld's Summer Style Guide

With summer heat rolling in, we’ve scoured the world of fashion to bring you sweat-free dapper outfits for the gentlemen & some breathable chic options for the ladies.

Check out the coolest items for Summer 2015:



Guys, If you’re looking for the ideal swim trunks and don’t want to break the bank, check out Penguin's latest style. Keep it simple with a solid color for 2015. Rule of thumb: Forever above the knee cap. If you’re adventurous, go for 6 inches over. Any more and you're diving into the deep end (unless that’s your preference).

mens swim suitorange trunks

imgs via Penguin

Chino Shorts

Sizing is everything. Find a pair that fits, but doesn’t constrict.

Color is key. If you’ve gotten past the baseline tan, you can get away with any shade. For the sunray cautious man, avoid pastels. Rule of thumb: Above the kneecap, don’t cross the mid-thigh. If you can’t find the right length, give it a roll or 2; never exceed 4.

 width= img via ASOS

The Classic Backpack

Keep in mind, those new tailored chino shorts aren’t cargos. With summer comes outdoor activities and your lady is getting tired of lugging your gadgets. Go with a simplified classic backpack for the beach, pool, hiking & biking. Keep it to one or two compartments. Check out this item from Venque.

The_Classic_Black_1-1_1024x1024_d1e060b9-7140-4b5e-bee2-bdc14ad7b6a9_1024x1024 Image via Venque

The Minimalist Wallet

If you’re not about possessions, then there is no reason to haul around a bag. To avoid a bulk in your new shorts (no, not there) go for an ultra slim wallet to suit your tapered look.

vestige-card-carrier Image via Gear Moose


Whether you like it or not, an Uber might not be available when you’re in summer mode and have hit your ‘limit’. In case you need to spend the night, have a go-bag ready.

Essentials: Tank top, vaporizer, polo, swim trunks, sandals, toothbrush, pomade, deodorant & some universal drawers. Toss in a night out on the town outfit in case you move from the couch and head upstairs. A good night could turn into a lengthy weekend in summer 2015.

duffel-2 (1) Image via Guy Style Guide

The Watch:

Although having a phone on your wrist is trending, a modern conventional watch is necessary to add pizzaz to the wrist. A simple face with a mesh band will pair with any setup (also, a good addition for the go-bag).

768680155556_Skagen_Mens_Watch__Stainless_Steel_Mesh_Band_Black_Dial_Stainless_Steel_Bezel_O18LSSB Image via Groupon


Go for the classic. If you’re not feeling up-to-par with your outfit, throw on some classic shades that have a gold accent - a sure winner in the optical department. Aviators have been phased out, but the Caravans by Ray-Ban have been the best kept secret since 1937. Good luck finding them in a store, your best bet is online.

shadess Image via Ray-Ban


Loafers are best when #YouFancy, but when you’re exploring on your summer vacation, you need some practical shoes that stand out from the crowd, without screaming ‘look at me’. The ultimate footwear that can go from the beach to a night out is found at nordstrom rack.

shoes Image via Nordstrom Rack


Hardwood Dress

"Killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.” -

When it comes to fashion, only so many variations can be made to a dress. The Formation has taken a different approach; providing chic clothes to the environmentally cautious advocate crowd.

girl 2 Photo by Bailey Hendren

Reinvented Bikini’s

Let’s face it, you blend in. If you want to stand out and add some confidence to your beachwear, look no further. The Alayna Mailot one-piece hybrid pushes traditional bikinis to the back of the closet.

Here’s our top pick:/shop.bikini.

bikini Image via @bikinidotcom

Flash Tats

When you’re feeling edgy, but not willing to commit, go for the Flash Tat. A must have vogue in order to go the extra mile. Jewelry inspired tattoos can do wonders for the basic and surpass the LA trend clones.

flashtat Image via

flashtat3 Image via

Sport up the Bra

Have no shame in this trending Calvin Klein sports bra. Perfect for jogging down Hollywood Blvd or a spur of the moment dip in the ocean. Feel free of boundaries with the ultimate go-to from Calvin Klein.

calvin klein sports bra Image via @jinglestartk

The Floppy Hat

Do it. We know you have it. If you don’t - get it. The floppy hat is back and taking the lead in women’s headwear. Sun damage is a real thing, ladies. Protect that beautiful face with some shade.

floppy hat Image via @aantonella

What are your go-to summer looks? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

Featured photo by Randon Vannucchi