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Top 5 Best Apps for Summer

Think you have all the latest, best apps out there for your smart phone? From apps to help you get around while jamming out, or taking a moment to breathe, check out our top 5 that will get you through the heat of the summer!

Dash Radio

If you're like us, you always need more music to fuel your fire every day. It gets boring listening to the same sounds all the time, so we gotta switch it up! Check out the new G Pen radio station, we hear they're playing some sweet tunes!



Probably the easiest, most convenient way to get around these days without having to wave frantically for a taxi in the street. Let's face it, this summer you're going to be going from one music festival to the next, and you know you're not going to want to mess with parking, so Uber is the way to go. It's quick, it's easy, and you can pay with your phone.


Bouqs - Flowers, Simplified

Girlfriend mad at you? Forget it's your mom's birthday? There's an app for that! Quickly order and send someone special flowers that are just as pretty as they are. You can even get re-occurring flowers for special occasions and reminders so you won't forget a birthday or anniversary ever again!


Crafty Remote Control

If you have a Crafty vaporizer and you're not rocking the remote control app, let us be the first to blow your mind! The Crafty is the first portable vaporizer for blends that has an accompanying remote control app. Why is this cool? Because you can customize your temperature to your preference as well as other settings, and using your phone as a remote control is just awesome.



Reduce your stress, sleep better and be present. It sounds simple, but for us movers and shakers, it can be a bit of a challenge to focus on relaxation. Relaxation you say? What's that? Well, with 80 custom made guided meditations, relaxing has never been so easy. Go ahead, dedicate a few minutes to your mental well-being.


Who's apps are better, Android or iPhone? Cast your vote in the comments below!