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BATTLE OF THE BEHEMOTHS! If an epic duel of smoky proportions was being fought for the Kingdom of Portable Vaporizers, it would come down to a fight between the PAX 3 and Davinci IQ. Both are kings in their own right - strong, durable, intelligent and intuitive.

Both portable vaporizers are high-quality and equally measure up against each other. The PAX 3 and Davinci IQ are powerhouses that excel in performance and delivers pure herbal bliss straight to your chest airbags (aka, lungs...duh). I already know all 'bout that good good - the twists and turns, and what makes each piece so unique. Now it's your turn. Let's break down the PAX 3 vs DAVINCI IQ so you can understand the differences for yourself.

PAX 3:

  • Dual-Use: Loose Leaf & Extract Compatible
  • Double The Oven Power As PAX 2 With 15-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Industry Leading Warranty & Dedicated Customer Service
  • LED Light Communication
  • Vibrates When Ready
  • PAX Vapor App Compatible

Intelligent, intuitive and instant. A true dual-use portable vaporizer for both dry herb and concentrates. The PAX 3 delivers a strong, pure vapor within 15 seconds, and subsequent heat ups are nearly instant. The latest battery technology powers an oven 2x the strength of PAX 2. Concentrate insert and 10-year warranty included.


  • Advanced Material For Pure Taste & Dense Vapor
  • 3,500mAh 18650 Removable Battery
  • Pass-Through Micro USB Charging
  • 4 Customizable SMART PATH Temp Settings: 350° F - 370° F, 370° F - 390° F, 390° F - 410° F, 410° F - 430° F
  • One Button Activates Extra Heat Boost Mode
  • Removable AirPath For Easy Cleaning

The Davinci IQ features a ceramic zirconia insert called the “flavor chamber.” The flavor chamber sits snuggly in the vapor path (just before the mouthpiece). This prefillable chamber is perfect for on-the-go reloading. The IQ’s Smart Path technology offers a tailored vapor experience. IQ has four preset Smart Paths for custom vaping on-the-go. IQ’s Bluetooth and smartphone integration allow custom temperature and other custom user settings.

Check out our vaporizer comparison chart below to see how the PAX 3 vs DAVINCI IQ measures up:

Price $274.99 $274.99
For Use With Concentrates Yes No
For Use With Flowers Yes Yes
Convection Heating: Herb is in direct contact with heat No No
Conduction Heating: Hot air passes around & through the herb
Yes Yes
Easy To Load Yes Yes
Oven Capacity .3g .3g
Oven Material Stainless Steel Ceramic
Vapor Path Stainless Steel (w/ Silicon Mouthpiece) Ceramic Zirconia (w/ Silicon Gasket)
Removable battery
No Yes
Charge Time
2-3 Hours 3 Hours
Heat-Up Time
30 Seconds 16 Seconds
Bluetooth / APP Yes Yes
Dimensions 3.9″ L x 1.2″ W x 0.8″ H 1.65" W x 3.54" H x 0.94" D
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Colors Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Blue, Copper, Gunmetal, Stealth