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PAX 2 Tips & Tricks

If you're searching for PAX 2 Tips & Tricks and hidden features, look no further! We've got you covered. Take a peek inside to see what PAX 2 has to offer! Hint: It's a lot. 

Using PAX 2

For starters, take a peek at our Get to Know PAX 2 video!

First, make sure your PAX is charged! Attach your PAX to the magnetic USB charging dock. It will take just about 2-3 hours to charge by either the USB or the AC charger. You'll know when it's fully charged when all 4 LED's stop pulsing and turn solid, and you're ready to go!

Preparing your material – PAX prefers a pretty fine grind, so don't be shy with that. If you need a good grinder, check out one of our favorites here.

To remove the magnetic oven lid on PAX, push down on one side so that the other side pops up. Fill oven firmly with your dry blends, and replace the oven lid.

To power PAX 2 on, press once on the top of the mouthpiece in the center. It will start pulsing purple to indicate that it's heating, and it will take about 30 seconds to one minute to fully heat to the last temperature setting you had it on.

To adjust the temperature settings, hold down the mouthpiece button in the center for a few seconds until you see the LED show yellow, orange or red. Those colors confirm that you're in temperature setting mode. To cycle through the settings, press the button at the top to until you see the temperature you'd like to select.

360ºF (182ºC) – Low (yellow)

380ºF (193ºC) – Medium (light orange)

400ºF (204ºC) – Medium-High (orange)

420ºF (216ºC) – High (red)

From our experience, we find that the 2nd and 3rd settings produce the best vapor. To set the temperature, hold down on the top of the mouthpiece again for a few seconds, and then it will pulse purple and heat. Once it's fully heated to your desired temperature setting, the LED will turn green. Now PAX is ready to draw.

+pro tip - If you feel that the flat mouthpiece is too warm on your lips, swap it out with the raised mouthpiece.

Also, here's a heads up: If you don't draw from or move PAX for about 20 seconds, the oven will start to cool to save battery life. Once you pick it up again and take a draw, it will heat right back up to your last used heat setting. After three minutes, the auto-shutoff will kick in.

PAX 2 Tips & Tricks Flare and Topaz now available!


Cleaning your PAX

Cleaning is really easy with PAX 2, and it does require a good cleaning every few uses.

To begin, remove the mouthpiece and oven lid. Set those aside for now. You'll need the cleaning tools and the isopropyl alcohol that came in the cleaning kit next. Dip one of the cleaning tools into some isopropyl alcohol, and floss it back and forth through the vapor path. If you push the cleaning tool all the way through, it will pop the screen out on the other side.

We recommend cleaning the screen while you're at it if you feel like it needs it. You can just let it sit in a small cup of isopropyl alcohol while you're cleaning the rest of PAX.

To continue, clean the inside of the oven and the mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol on a q tip.

+pro tip: Before putting the oven lid and the mouthpiece back on and inserting the screen, ensure that everything is dry!

Just for Fun

PAX 2 has some really neat new features. You can play Simon Says with your PAX, as well as put your PAX in party mode! Check out our video to learn how to use these features, and see what happens when you win the 20th round of Simon!

Get your PAX 2 today!

For more information on PAX 2 including full specs and FAQs, you can check out our Knowledge Base.