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#VapeSnacks: Tasty Lemonade Recipe

When we imagine a perfect Summer day, it always involves a great outdoor vape session and an ice cold drink. That's why we've decided to share our favorite lemonade recipe in honor of National Lemonade Day! This recipe is the perfect solution to quench your thirst after a hot and humid day.


7 cups cold water

1 3/4 cups lemon juice (8 to 10 lemons)

1 1/4 cups white sugar

A few slices of lemon

1. Mix all ingredients in a pitcher and stir to dissolve sugar.

2. Place pitcher inside freezer to get chilled rapidly. (Don’t forget about it!)

3. Serve each glass with a few ice cubes and a lemon slice.

4. Sit back and enjoy a glass with your favorite vaporizer.

See the PUFFiT-X pictured above here!