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How to Survive Your Family BBQ

Summer always seems to be the time when our families decide it's time for yet another reunion, or have another BBQ get-together, much to our dismay. When the occasion arises, you need to be prepared. Don't get caught off guard by pestering questions about your relationship status, or strange looks aimed at your new lip ring. 

  • First, do what you need to do to mentally prepare yourself. Meditate beforehand, do an hour of hot yoga, whatever you need to do to get in there with a smile on your face and a positive attitude!

  • Bring a polite friend to occupy your parents so you can get away. Think of this person as your shield and your savior. Treat them to something nice after; your champion deserves it!

  • If your grandma is the type to keep asking you when you're going to get married and give her a great-grand child, keep a list of excuses of things you need to go do in case things start to get a little hairy. Example: "Oh excuse me, I need to go check on the jello..." and back away slowly.

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  • Bring your vape! We recommend the Magic-Flight Launch Box. It's stealthy, and it fits right in the palm of your hand so no one will never know what you're up to! You trickster, you.

  • If you absolutely need to get away, hide the alcohol and then offer - like the angel you are - to run out and pick some up. Return 3 hours later and blame it on heavy traffic, or a turtle crossing the road, or something.

  • When in doubt, just smile and nod.

Or, you could just be a cordial guest and enjoy your family's company. There's that option, too.

What are your survival tips? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know!