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Video: Da Buddha Vaporizer

Get to know your Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor! We'll show you what your Da Buddha comes with, identify each part for you, and give you some tips to get started.


1.) What’s in the Da Buddha Vaporizer Box:

Da Buddha Vaporizer | VapeWorld

2.) Vape Anatomy:

Da Buddha Vaporizer | VapeWorld

Da Buddha Vaporizer | VapeWorld

3.) Da Buddha Vaporizer Set-up

To begin using your Da Buddha, use the dial to turn the vaporizer on and turn your temperature up to 50% power.

To assemble the whip, attach the wand and draw stem to the hose.

The Buddha takes less than 2 minutes to heat up and then you’re ready to go!


4.) Usage

You will want to grind your material finely with this vape. Feel free to double-grind your aromatic blends to increase the surface area.

Fill your wand about halfway and insert your wand into the Da Buddha vaporizer's heater cover opening.

To adjust your temperature, use the dial to suit your preferences. You'll soon figure out which temperature settings you prefer after spending a few sessions with the Da Buddha.


5.) Overview & Specs

• Assembled in Colorado

• Wide temperature range

• Durable construction

• Easy operation

• Borosilicate glass

• 10 ft. power cord

• Works with ground-glass accessories

• Style – Convection

• Method – Whip

• Weight – 1.55lbs

• Size- 6.4in x 5.4in x 5.4in

• Power Source – 110v

• Warranty – 3 Years

6.) Color Options:

The Da Buddha comes in silver (anodized aluminum) and black powdercoat.

Da Buddha Vaporizer | VapeWorld

7.) Accessories:

You can add an optional aroma top to your Da Buddha, and if you need any extra parts and pieces, we have you covered.

For more information on the Da Buddha Vaporizer, read our Base de Connaissances, and buy the Da Buddha today at VapeWorld!