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VapeWorld’s 2015 Burning Man Guide: The Essentials

Combine the following into one:

Sand. Fire. Radical Self-Expression.

The outcome? Bliss.

Or Burning Man; whichever beat you stomp to.

Now, the excitement of rushing off to the desert to unplug from modern life and to connect with souls from all over the world is a no-brainer that would have anyone “On My Way!” BUT, for the rookies, we advise packing the essentials in order to avoid having to exit stage left before the match ignites.

Crash Proof Essentials for 2015:

10694202_10152381528968333_7582114330513687918_o Photography by Randon Vannucchi & Bailey Hendren 

Housing Accommodations:

This is an interesting one...


  1. Tents are go-to for #DesertLife. I’ve seen people try to pack a small crew into a Prius with the A/C running; which leads to our next line of defense...
  2. Spare Gas Tank + Gas - Remember, you’re in the desert...Touché; oil rigs everywhere, BUT you need to fill up as often as possible. Avoid calling AAA (they won't come anyway) and bring a spare tank. The stranded will love you when the time comes to take off. 
  3. Sleeping bag - Simple. Effective.
  4. Ear Plugs - Not everyone sleeps at the same time!
  5. Tarp  - Keep the tent stoop clean
  6. Lighting Led lights | Headlamps | Lanterns | Flashlights | Glow Sticks
  7. Chairs (your back will eventually give out sitting criss-cross apple me)
  8. Table - Food + Sand = ?
  9. Camp Marker - PVC piping + creative flag = LAND HOME! 
  10. Solar Panel Changer - What better way to harvest some battery power while in the desert. Cut down on excessive packing and bring the Summit Weekender vaporizer pack by Vapium.
  11. Spare Key - Unless you have access to Amazon's drone delivery service, Mom isn’t going to be able to drop them off without a defibrillator.
  12. Tickets/ID - Keep everyone's tickets in one bag, locked inside the glove box-- until you physically get to the gate.

Element Protection:


Wind. Fire. Water. Sand. Sun... Multiple by 10

  1. Dust Mask - Mandatory. Mandatory. Mandatory. Check out these neoprene masks
  2. Sunscreen  - You want a tan -- Yes. Not chard skin. Play it safe.
  3. Condoms - Again, play it safe.
  4. First Aid Kit - Shit happens.
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Shade  Use your imagination! Remember the good ol' fort days?
  7. Lotion
  8. Head Gear - Hats | Helmets | Head Wraps | Etc.
  9. Eye Car - Goggles | Contacts | Glasses | Eye Drops
  10. Waterproof Bags
  11. Nasal Spray
  12. Mister - Find one with a built-in fan.
  13. Towel -  Practical. 



Let’s face it. You’re going to smell. If you don’t mesh well with rising temperatures, pack the following:

  1. Deodorant
  2. Baby Wipes - Skip the shower
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Portable Shower  - If you're really fancy, check out TexSport's Deluxe Camp Shower Shelter

Nom Nom Nom:

  • Water - 2 gallons of water per person/per day - Bare min. Seriously. 
  • Ice - "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot"
  • Alcohol - Optional. Needed to press play on the song above.
  • Electrolytes - Stock up on the coconut water. You can't go wrong with Zico's Chocolate Coconut Water

Noming Tools:

  1. Eat With - Cups | Plates |Utensils | Tupperware
  2. Cook With - Portable Stove | Propane/charcoal |  Cooler | Waterproof Matches | Can Opener | Cork Screw
  3. Clean With - Sponge | Biodegradable Soap | Vinegar



  1. Jackets - Rain (a must) | Faux Fur (be kind) | Leather | Fleece  
  2. Tops - Your choice. An array from bikini's to body-paint to emergency heating blankets can be found wandering the sand
  3. Shoes - Flip-Flops | Boots | No shoes?
  4. Underwear - Thermal (40 degrees at night is common) | Breathable (100 degrees during the day is also common) 
  5. Costumes To get the full experience.



The only way to get around Black Rock City...

  1. Bicycle - Lock | Spare Tube/Tire | Decor | Lighting
  2. *See 1


  1. Tanks & Mods  - Using a lighter is a bit challenging in the wind. Stick to modern vaping; your body will also thank you.
  2. Batteries - Serve the dual purpose of vaping and charging with the Innokin MVP 3.0 
  3. Tape
  4. Ropes - Don't let your home away from home go flying
  5. Trash/Recycle Bags
  6. Notebook
  7. Pocket Knife 
  8. Sharpie 
  9. Safety Pins
  10. Cameras Some of the best photo's you will ever capture can be taken at Burning Man.
  11. Polaroid Camera - Memories for your new friends. TIP: Hashtag the back with that Sharpie if you plan to digitize
  12. Walkie Talkies - Service is scarce. Don't chance it.
  13. Gifts for Strangers - Who doesn't love gifts?
  14. Musical Instruments -  Excluding the iPod. 

Just in Case:


An Escape Plan.