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Vapeworld Staff Picks – 2017

Searching for the perfect vape to help you ride out this rough winter or slide into spring? Let the vapor experts at VapeWorld guide you with our staff picks as they round up their favorite new vaporizers. From the Pax 3 to the GPen Elite, the flavor transfer on each pick is amazing. Whether you need long battery life, concentrate capability or a massive oven, we’ve got you covered, smothered and chunked.

Reviewed By: Zach

Review: Finally decided to upgrade from my original Pax and I’m glad I did! This one heats up quicker, is much easier to clean, and comes with some extra goodies like the concentrate insert and half pack lid. It also has bluetooth, but I haven’t setup the app yet since I’m happy with the set temperatures. Would recommend to anyone looking for a super portable vape. Pax 3 Available now

Reviewed By: Casey

Review: The Firefly 2 is my ‘go-to’ vaporizer when on the go & at home! Heating in 3 seconds is by far my favorite feature along with the Bluetooth pairing to my phone so I can dial in on the perfect temperature. It’s extremely easy to use & clean which is a huge plus compared to other vaporizers I have tried in the past. I’ve recently started using concentrate so having a device that can tackle both material types is awesome! Firefly 2 available now

Reviewed By: Maria

Review: If you are looking for a top performer in the dry herb category, Davinci IQ is definitely your best choice. High-tech and ultra slick, this vaporizer performs like a rock star! No matter which setting I used, the vapor was rich, clean, and flavorful. The IQ is super-simple to be used by a first-timer and powerful enough for those who prefer a more advanced vaping experience. Great discreet device that can be taken anywhere you go. I highly recommend this unit. Davinci IQ available now.

Apr 12, 2017 8:23:44 PM

Reviewed By: Chris

Review: The moment I picked the Elite, I knew I wanted it. This might be the first vape that was actually designed to be held by humans! The ergonomic design fits either hand perfectly. The ceramic oven is larger than any portable vape I’ve ever seen. Single-digit temperature control? YES please! My Elite heats up too fast, it only takes 15 seconds before its ready to vape. The Elite lets me pack huge amounts and rage it hard bowl after bowl. Fits in the hand perfectly, heats up quickly, and holds a huge amount. Is this the perfect vape? I think so! G Pen Elite available now