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VapeEats: 10 Best Ice Cream Flavors

We're still recovering from National Doughnut Day, but we couldn't resist another edition of #VapeEats! This summer is a scorcher so we decided to cool off with some ice cream just in time for National Ice Cream Day on July 19. And after our brain freezes wore off, we voted on the ten best flavors.

Please be advised that the flavors presented in this blog post are solely those of the staff and do not necessarily represent those of the author. Rocky Road? Blasphemy!


Being based out of Florida has its perks. Beaches, palm trees and most importantly, fresh key lime pie.

But don't worry, if you're not a Floridian, you can still enjoy the greatness of key lime in ice cream form.

Tart, sweet and cool, just like VapeWorld.


It doesn't get any simpler than this. Who doesn't love a scoop of the tried and true chocolate ice cream?

Sure, this might seem a little pedestrian, but like a reliable friend, it is always there for you.

And we won't tell if you decide to add it to a piece of chocolate cake.


The most controversial "flavor" on our list since it's not even a flavor! Even its name is polarizing. Is it sorbet or sherbet...and who got rid of the second "r" in sherbet? We were positive it was there a minute ago! Suffice it to say, we have to admit that every now and then the hankering for some sherbet can't be ignored. Icy and tart, it will instantly cool you down.


Black Cherry

Perhaps this will appeal to our healthier fans. It's got fruit in it, so it MUST be healthier, right? The biggest problem is keeping others from picking out all of the delicious pieces of black cherry that make this ice cream so delicious. If you're one of the cherry thieves, you should turn yourself in immediately.


Red Velvet

Did you think this flavor was only for cakes and cupcakes? Think again. Take everything you love about the bakery version of red velvet and imagine it being served to you as cool, creamy ice cream. Once you regain consciousness and wipe that drool away, we urge you to race over to your grocery store and stock up for summer.


Minto Chocolate Chip

We personally want to thank the person who first thought to combine these two incredible flavors. This is the perfect combination of cool and sweet. Forget mouthwash, we recommend you start your day with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and you'll find that your minty fresh breath is a nice addition to the sugar high. *Note: Please do NOT actually start your day with ice cream. We shouldn't have to tell you that.



What is a pistachio and where does it come from? No one knows (we're certainly not going to trust Wikipedia to tell us). You might be scared the first time you try pistachio ice cream. There's the slightly green color, and the mystery that is the pistachio. However, you will be powerless to resist once you venture out of your comfort zone. It's safe to say that nearly everyone eventually goes nuts for pistachio.


There are two types of people in the world: Those whose entire year revolves around the 2 to 3 months where pumpkin flavors are found in everything and those who you should be unfriending on Facebook. There is no greater joy (and CERTAINLY no shame) in having a slice of pumpkin pie, with pumpkin pie ice cream, and some pumpkin juice or a pumpkin latte to wash it down.


There is no denying the greatness of combining two desserts into one. We're fairly certain this flavor was invented immediately after ice cream was first discovered. The best part is that this is one flavor that can be easily created with just a few household items. Just grab some vanilla ice cream, a few cookies and a hammer. In seconds you'll have a totally passable cookies and cream to make all your friends jealous.


Picking your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor is nearly impossible. Every single one is a winner, but arguably the most popular is their Half Baked Ice Cream. A little vanilla, a little chocolate and...what's this? Pieces of brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough? We don't know who the mad scientists are that work over there, but we salute them and the constant smiles they must always have.


And now enjoy this final monument to ice cream goodness. Don't stare too hard, or you might get an ice cream headache.

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Now that you've had time to get a nice ice cream headache going, tell us which flavors we were wrong about. Not a sherbet fan? Tell us so we can yell at the employees who chose it. Agree with Half Baked? Tell us so we can bond over what is clearly the 8th wonder of the world.