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VapeDestinations: Farmers Markets

Forget grocery stores - those fluorescent lights, and bumping into people you haven't seen in ten years, who needs 'em? Farmers markets are where it's at! We picked the top 7 best and most popular markets in the US to feature in this week's VapeDestination post. See if one of your favorites made the list!

Farmers markets are a wonderful opportunity to pick up the freshest produce available, all while helping out the community. Not only do farmers markets provide us with fresher foods, but they also ensure seasonal fruits and vegetables as well.

When you shop at a local market, you are reducing the cost and efforts by getting rid of the middlemen that handle your groceries, less transportation and time in storage and refrigeration. Also, they're pretty fun! Some farmers markets have really cool things to do such as picking your own fruit, tractor rides, food trucks, live music, petting some farm animals, and more.

There are so many great markets out there, but these take the cake!

Pike Place Market - Seattle, Washington

 width= img via wikipedia

Union Square Greenmarket - New York City, New York

 width= img via flickr

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - San Francisco, California

 width= img via haveyoueatensf

Green City Market - Chicago, Illinois

 width= img via wikipedia

Portland Farmers Market - Portland, Oregon

 width= img via flickr

Bedner's Farm Fresh Market - Boynton Beach, Florida

 width= img via freshfromflorida

Sweet Auburn Curb Market - Atlanta, Georgia

 width= img via 365atlantafamily

Do you have a local favorite or have you been to any of these popular places? Let us know in the comments!