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Top 5 Accessories Any Vape Fan Must Have

Think you've got everything you need for a good time? Check out our recommendations for our top 5 accessories and see what you may be missing from your vape arsenal.


Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder with Sifter

Most vaporizers require a coarse or fine grind in order to achieve the best vapor production and best results. Aerospaced grinders are our favorite. They come in an assortment of colors and sizes, and the 4 piece grinder includes a sifter to catch your powder so you can use it later!


CVault Storage Container

We are huge fans of the CVault here! The CVault guarantees freshness of your dry blends, in a humidity controlled, durable stainless steel storage container, with a tri-latch design to lock in your freshness. Each CVault comes with a Boveda 62% humidipak to keep your blends on point. If your blends are too dry, the humdipak will add moisture to them, and if they're too moist, it will regulate it and remove some of the moisture. Fancy!


A Vape Case

Protect the investment that you made and get yourself a nice carrying case for your vaporizer. Specific vape cases are available, such as for the Volcano, Magic-Flight and Extreme-Q, and in hard and soft cases. These are great for when you are taking your vape on the go, or if you're just trying to store it away in your closet for when your parents come over!


G Glass Container

These little glass containers are perfect for storing your solid concentrates. They're extremely durable and have a screw-on lid to ensure that your material is protected from all outside forces - air, water, etc. They're available in 2 packs, or 10 packs for the concentrate aficionado.


Spring Solar Charger by Vapium

This is only for the Summit fans out there, but we had to include this awesome accessory because it's unlike any other! This neat charger is splash-proof, weather friendly and solar powered, meaning it charges via direct sunlight! When you're out camping and away from any electrical outlets, this charger will come in handy. The best part about it? Not only will it charge your Summit, but it will also charge any USB-powered device that you have! Cool, right?

What are your favorite go-to vape accessories? Let us know in the comments!