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Staff Tips & Tricks: Crafty Vaporizer

Ah, the Crafty Vaporizer; a genius portable vaporizer with amazing vapor quality that came right out of Germany last Fall. We still love it and can't get enough of it! In this edition of our Staff Tips & Tricks, we'll show you how to use the Crafty's free Bluetooth remote control app, and how to get the best results out of your vape. 

Bluetooth Remote Control App

The Crafty is the first vaporizer of its kind to offer a free remote control app for your smart phone, which in itself is pretty dang cool. Although you don't need to actually use the app to operate the Crafty, we recommend it for a customized experience. The Crafty's default temperature is 365¬įF / 180¬įC, but with the app, you are able to set the temperature to whatever you want up to¬†410¬įF / 104¬įC.

The app connects through Bluetooth, so pro tip alert (!), make sure you have it switched on your phone! ;)

Turn the Crafty on and then turn the app on, which will prompt you to enter your Crafty's serial number. It will begin with a CY plus 6 numbers. You will only need to enter this once.

To customize your temperature, use the plus and minus arrows and your temperature will raise or decrease by 1 degree. The number on the top is the actual temperature that the Crafty is heated to, and the one on the bottom is your set temperature.¬†The booster temperature is automatically set to 383¬įF / 180¬įC, but that can be changed using the app as well.

On the temperature menu, you will also have your battery display and charge indicator lamp. While you are charging your Crafty, the indicator lamp will flash and show the current level of charging.

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+ Pro tip: To change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa, tap the plus and minus button at the same time.

Under the settings menu, you can change many different options. If you don't want your Crafty to also act as a super bright flash light, you can turn the brightness down on the LED's. You can turn the indicator lamp off and on, as well as the vibration notification. You can reset to default settings, or connect to another Crafty. You can even switch the vibration on your smart phone off and on here.


The other two menu items on the Crafty app are pretty self explanatory, Device and Information just give you Storz & Bickel's operation hours and software versions.

Using the Crafty

Preparing your material - Grind your blends normally; they don't have to be too fine. We strongly encourage and recommend using the Storz & Bickel filling aid that came with the Crafty for the best results. We really mean this! It is so convenient, and much less of a mess. If you load the chamber with your fingers, it's possible you may get pieces of your material around the outside crevices of the chamber, and you're gonna have a bad time.

Fill the chamber to the brim, but ensure that it does not overflow. You do not need to load it too tightly, just load normally and lightly tamp down on the top.

If you do not want to use that much material and you just want it to be a quick session, you can set one of the included liquid pads on the bottom of the chamber as a space-filler, and place your desired amount of material on top.

+ Pro tip: The Crafty's battery will last about 1 hour of continuous use, so if you're going to be out and about, we recommend picking up an external battery power bank to plug the Crafty in.

Cleaning the Crafty - The cooling unit will need to be cleaned the most, and thankfully, the pieces come apart easily so you can get in there without issue. To open up the cooling unit, take off the entire top off of the Crafty. With the "Crafty" facing you on the top, slide that piece towards the mouthpiece. That will release the bottom of the cooling unit to expose the cooling chamber screen and the o-rings, which can also be removed if necessary.


To see our full review on the Crafty, click here! For more information and full specs, check out our Base de Connaissances.

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