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Tech Spotlight - Temperature Settings

If you've purchased a vaporizer recently, one of the most important factors may have been how your device adjusts temperature. From Firefly's "Vapor Surfing" method to the Crafty's Bluetooth settings, the way you control your vape's temperature can have a big impact on your experience.

When it comes down to it, how you adjust your vaporizer's temperature is a personal preference. Some users prefer minimal thinking while others like to have maximum control over their settings. Luckily, there are enough options out there for vaporists within that full range to find something that will work best for them. We hope this post may shed some light on the different features available and help you find the vaporizer that will work best for you. Keep in mind, for consistency's sake we will be discussing temperature settings exclusively for aromatic blends.

Option 1: Non-adjustable

For the vaporist looking for a hassle-free experience.

It's no secret that vaporization can be a fickle science. Almost every user has overheated or undercooked their materials at least once.

For vaporizers without an adjustable temperature, users remove the risk of under or over-heating making it a great option for beginners. These vaporizers often begin heating with the click of a button and quickly go from room-temperature to their maximum heat. Vaporizers include the Atmos Transporter, IOLITE Original, WISPR 2.

Option 2: Temperature Presets

For the vaporist looking for easy control.

You'll find that the majority of vaporizers feature a number of preset temperatures. These give users more control without creating an overly complex experience.

Presets can range from 3 available heat settings to as many as 8. The more presets your device has available, the more incremental you can adjust your settings. This method should be a great option for beginner and experienced users alike. Vaporizers featuring preset temperature controls include PAX 2, Summit by Vapium, Arizer Air, G Pro, Haze, and many more.


Option 3: Fully Adjustable

For the vaporist looking for full control.

So you've used a few vaporizers and you're ready to upgrade. A fully adjustable temperature setting may be for you.

Fully adjustable controls allow you to increase or decrease temperature by degree increments within a minimum and maximum range giving users total freedom over how they heat their materials. These controls are often adjusted by an analog dial or a digital display. You can even adjust temperature via a mobile app with the Crafty by Storz and Bickel! With this much control comes the risk of under or overheating, but the payoff is the ability to find a sweet-spot for your materials that will let you get the best vaporization experience possible. Fully adjustable vaporizers include Crafty, Mighty, Ascent, Volcano, and the Extreme Q, just to name a few.

Option 4: Draw-controlled Temperatures

For the vaporist looking for a unique experience.

If preset and fully adjustable controls are automatic, draw-controlled vapes are manual.

Draw-controlled vaporizers work by holding down a button to begin rapidly heating to a device's maximum temperature then quickly cooling once the button is released. This allows users to experience the full-range of flavor from their material. It also results in more instantaneous vapor production. Unlike preset temperatures, draw-controlled vapes require users to experiment with factors like heating duration, draw-speed, and type of material to discover a technique that works best for them. Draw-controlled vaporizers include Firefly and the Magic-Flight Launch Box.


Option 5: Other

For the vaporist who doesn't fit into the previous categories.

We couldn't forget to acknowledge a few unique vaporizers with completely different heat settings.

While the Alfa by Goboof has 3 preset heat settings, it also includes 2 automatic settings. A/P mode will heat the device to¬†190¬įC/374¬įF at which point it will incrementally increase in temperature after every draw until reaching its maximum temperature of¬†220¬įC/428¬įF.¬†Alfa's A/T mode will heat the same way but instead increase in temperature ever 3 minutes.

These two modes are perfect for extracting a full-range of flavor without mastering the technique of draw-controlled vapes.

For the portable QuickDraw 300 and 500 DLX, there are no heat settings. Instead, this vaporizer uses a "smart-cartridge system" to differentiate between 3 types of materials. Once QuickDraw is activated, the vaporizer heats to the optimal temperature making it a true 3-in-1 device.

Wrapping Up

We did it! We've discussed 5 different heating methods for a huge range of different vapes. Consider yourself a vape temp expert! We hope this guide can help you discover your perfect vaporizer. Remember kids, knowledge is power. Stay in school!

If you have any additional questions or comments on vaporizer temperature settings, feel free to ask away in the comments below!