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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for everyone on your list!

We’ve highlighted our favorite picks for our Holiday Gift Guide this year, categorized by price range. See what we chose to give your loved ones a big smile on their face this year. 

Holiday Gift Guide | VapeWorld
Atmos Nano – Tiny and sleek, the Nano is perfect for your liquids. It’s simple to fill and provides hundreds of draws per cartridge, which are changeable.

G Pro – This portable vaporizer for your aromatic blends is pocketable, easy to use with one button operation, and has three temperature settings to suit your preferences.

Atmos Liv – Not only can you use it with solid concentrates, this handy vape also doubles as a power bank, meaning you can charge small electronic devices from it while you’re out and about.

Aluminum Vaporizer Carry Case – With protective inner padding and locks on the outside, this case will keep any vape safe.

QuickDraw X2 – Made for use with solid concentrates, this small pen-style vape has a glass globe attachment that allows you to see your vapor collect as it’s being produced. Its small size, sleek design, and strong vapor production land the QuickDraw X2 a place on our Holiday Gift Guide.

Cloud 2.0 – This pen made for solid concentrates comes in a variety of fun colors such as Trippy Hippy (shown in image above) or Twilight Diamonds so you can give a unique gift for someone special!

Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder – You can’t go wrong with this aluminum grinder with razor sharp teeth. There are 6 sizes that you can choose from and 5 different colors!

CVault Storage Container – With 6 sizes to choose from, the CVault is a great storage container for your aromatic blends. It provides an air-tight seal and uses Boveda® humidity packs to keep your material fresh.

Holiday Gift Guide | VapeWorld
WISPR 2 – This vape is butane powered and ideal for all of your outdoor adventures. Heats up in a quick 30 seconds and has an easy to view fuel level gauge. No power source necessary – just butane!

PUFFiT-X – The world’s first forced air portable, this inconspicuous vape offers 8 temperature settings ranging from 250°-430°F and features a gold plated heating chamber.

Atmos Boss – What everyone truly wants – a pen style vape that you can use with aromatic blends!

Muad-Dib – Brought to you by Magic-Flight, this little concentrate box that fits in the palm of your hand gets up to 900°F in just 3 seconds! All it requires is some stripped AA batteries and offers 50+ uses on a single charge, making this an excellent portable vape.

QuickDraw M1– Give the gift of variety with the M1! You can use solid and liquid concentrates with this pen, as it offers 3 different attachments: A glass globe, coil-style atomizer and a liquid cartridge attachment.

Da Buddha – This whip and wand style vape features glass-on-glass components and a ceramic heating element. It has an easy to use temperature dial, comes in two different colors, and is made in Colorado, USA!

Atmos Transporter – Lightweight, easy to use and durable, the Transporter is a portable vaporizer for your aromatic blends. It’s shaped like a flask, it has a scratch resistant anodized shell, and heats up in less than a minute. It can even be used while charging!

DaVinci – This multi-purpose portable vape allows you to switch between your aromatic blends and concentrates and has a digital LED temperature display.

Holiday Gift Guide | VapeWorld
Arizer Solo – With an all glass vapor pathway, 7 pre-set temperatures and only 2 control buttons, the Solo is super easy to use and produces dense clouds of vapor throughout your session.

Arizer Extreme-Q –This vape is a great option if you want to use a balloon or switch to a whip. It has a bright LED display and even has a remote control!

Pax by Ploom – Pocketable, smart, and sleek, the Pax is a vaporist’s dream come true! Made for your aromatic blends, this unit comes in 3 different colors and has 3 temperature pre-sets. It’s lightweight, easy to use and heats up in just under a minute.

Silver Surfer – Like the Da Buddha, the Silver Surfer vaporizer has glass-on-glass components but is able to be customized with many different color options. This vape comes with a hand blown glass temperature dial and heater cover, all hand-crafted in Colorado, USA.

Firefly – A true convection style vaporizer, the elegant Firefly heats instantly and produces top-notch vapor. It features a borosilicate glass chamber that is very easy to load and clean, and a rechargeable swappable battery (that only takes a quick 45 minutes to charge) so there is minimal down-time!

Holiday Gift Guide | VapeWorld
Crafty Vaporizer – Brought to you by Storz & Bickel, this new portable vape is on everyone’s wish list this year! Utilizing full convection hot air combined with conduction, the Crafty produces rich clouds of vapor from the initial draw. This is the very first vaporizer that offers a remote control app for your smart phone, a haptic vibration alarm, and it can be used with aromatic blends or concentrates with the included liquid pads.

Plenty Vaporizer – This is a desktop vape used for your aromatic blends, solid and liquid concentrates. The Plenty has a stainless steel cooling whip, an adjustable temperature dial and a double helix heat exchanger for perfect vaporization every time.

The Volcano - It should come as no surprise that the celebrated Volcano is on our Holiday Gift Guide. The Volcano vaporizer is rated as one of the very best vaporizers out there on the market today. By using forced air balloon delivery and a little to no learning curve, your vapor is perfect each time. Choose between the classic and digital, easy valve or solid valve starter set, and don’t forget your bonus gift!

Mighty Vaporizer – The sibling to the Crafty vaporizer, the Mighty is a little bit larger, featuring an LED temperature display, full convection hot air and conduction combined, a haptic vibration alarm, and a dual lithium-ion battery power.

Don't forget to check out our Base de Connaissances for more detailed information on all of the vaporizers we chose for our Holiday Gift Guide!