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First look: HipVap Vaporizer

Have you heard of the new HipVap? This cool new flask-shaped portable vaporizer is super smooth and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s lightweight, making it perfect to take with you on the go. This is a convenient multi-use vaporizer, made for aromatic blends and concentrates using the oil jars that come with the unit.

HipVap portable vaporizer | VapeWorld

It also features an LED display which demonstrates the following:

  • heating up - pulsing red
  • cooling down - blue
  • ready to use - green
  • low battery - pulsing orange

The HipVap is also easy to use. You can control your temperature by using the left button (+ and -) which adjusts the temperature by 2°F from 150°F to 430°F. The right button adjusts the auto shut-off time, from 60 seconds to 10 minutes. You can even use it while charging (use any phone charger or USB slot), but if you’re on the go, it will last you a good 2 1⁄2 hours of continuous usage. Powered by two top of the line, 1700 mWh, 2.3V Lithium-Ion batteries, the HipVap can be fully charged in under 3 hours.

This portable vaporizer is great for anyone who wants a simple and sleek pocketable device that can switch between your concentrates and aromatic blends.

HipVap portable vaporizer | VapeWorld Heating Chamber/Oven Door

HipVap portable vaporizer | VapeWorld Comes with the HipVap vaporizer, concentrate jars, extra mouthpieces, stainless steel screens, aroma proof bags, and charger.

Straight from the manufacturer: "Life can take you anywhere; one day you’re at the game, the next you’re at a party, or skiing, or trekking in the jungle. No matter where you go, your vaporizer should be able to go with you. That’s why the HipVap’s rugged 3.5” housing is made of precision machined, anodized aluminum. Whether you’re wearing a tee shirt or a tuxedo, the HipVap will not only complement your attire, but will turn heads for years to come. We’re so sure of the quality of our workmanship and design that we offer a ten year warranty."

HipVap portable vaporizer | VapeWorld

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