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Do's and Don'ts: Introducing Your Parents to Vaping

When someone is accustomed to using traditional methods their entire life, it can be difficult to encourage them to try an alternative method. The very first step is getting them to accept the idea that there is some newfangled technology out there that doesn't require a lighter or an ashtray.

Remember when you tried teaching your Dad how to use his new iPhone? Some of our dads still can't use a smartphone. Teaching your parents how to vape can be kinda like this. But it doesn't have to be!


  • Explain to them the benefits of making the switch. Why are you going through all this trouble to show them about the wonderful world of vaporizing? Because you care about them, of course!

  • Start them off small. Some vapes have an easier learning curve than others. If you start them off with a vape that typically an advanced user would use, you may turn them off before you even get a chance to show them how great vaporizing really is!

  • Show them them the ropes. Explain to them (calmly, with an inside voice) how to properly grind their blends and how to load it properly. If your parents use the internet, show them our Base de Connaissances. It has every question and answer you can think of regarding your specific vaporizer.¬†That way, they have no excuse to call you while you're at work to ask you how to turn the beeping off on their Arizer Solo.


  • Explain to them technicalities right off the bat; you'll just lose them.¬†¬†Trying to describe the differences between convection and conduction or volts and ohms will be painful at first for some.

  • Leave them alone with it! Supervised sessions only for the first time or two are recommended. Who knows what could happen in your absence?

  • Assume they haven't already made the switch! Your parents might actually be closet vapeheads, and may 'come out' to you when you suggest the idea of vaping.

If your parents do end up loving the vaping life as expected, you may want to look into getting them their own starter vape so they don't always ask to borrow yours! This is what we recommend for some excellent choices of vapes for beginners:

So when do you think you'll be having the "talk" with your parents? Don't forget to let us know how it went in the comments!