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Brand Spotlight: Ploom

When it comes to portable vaporization there is Ploom, and then there is everyone else.

Without a doubt, no other brand has been as influential to the portable vaporization industry. Riding on the success of Pax and Ploom ModelTwo, Ploom is ushering in a new generation of vaporizers with no signs of slowing down.

Ploom cites its origins to a conversation held between two product design students studying at Stanford University. One being a non-vaper and the other a non-non-vaper, they asked "What do you hate about consuming?" "What do you love about it?" The end-product of this conversation was the birth of an idea that technology and design could revolutionize the vaporizer industry. Thus co-founders Adam and James founded Ploom and opened up shop in a small room based out of Palo Alto, a city that is certainly no stranger to high-tech innovation.

Thanks to Pax, Ploom are now a household name in the portable vaporizer market. With a long list of high-tech features, a low learning curve, and an experience centered on ease-of-use, Ploom was able to cast a broad range of appeal to markets that had previously been untapped.  Pax is unique in its conception having been built from the ground-up with the user in mind, a quality apparent from anyone who has held the device in their hands. This innovative approach to design has lead to a breakthrough in vaporizer production that compromises neither size nor functionality. Perhaps the best summary of Ploom's influence on the vaporization industry is from Wired Magazine who deemed Pax, "The iPod of Vaporizers."

Having breached the mainstream market, Ploom have been featured in a number of popular media outlets including GQ, TechCrunch and PlayBoy further solidifying their influence as a market leader. Vaporizer consumers should expect to experience the effects of Ploom's innovations for years to come in the form of a new generation of more powerful, advanced, and user-friendly vaporizers.