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8 Ways to Tell If a Vapehead Is in to You

It's hard enough finding someone out there for you in the real world.  However, we think it's truly serendipitous when you find someone else who is interested in vaping. Especially when you find someone who loves to vape as much as you do! When you find this person, hold on tight and don't let go. 

If you haven't found this amazing vape partner yet, don't fret. There's still hope for you. So in case you can't tell, here are some signs that a #vapehead is in to you:

1.) They power up the vape to have it waiting for you.

And they actually wait to vape until after you arrive! So thoughtful. After a long, hard day at work, who wouldn't love this?

Volcano | VapeWorld | Vapehead

2.) They let you take the first draw.

You gotta admit - that's love!

3.) They share their #vapesnacks with you.

We don't mess around when it comes to vapesnacks. We've got snack attack inspiration for days!

Vapesnacks | Vapehead | VapeWorld

4.) They clean your vape for you when it gets dirty.

They know you're not going to do it. You have to do dishes though, it's only fair!

5.) They take you to their top secret #vapespot.

It's always better to share your special vapespot with someone you love.

Vapehead | Treehouse | Showing someone your secret vapespot

image via Pinterest

6.) They tell you their wildest, craziest #vapethoughts.

Because they know you won't judge them. Even if you tell them that you're going to quit your job, move to Alaska and live off the land. (Not that we're thinking about that...)

7.) They laugh at your jokes.

Maybe they're not that funny, but when you've been vaping... well, you know how it is.

8.) They let you pick the after-vape movie/tv show/youtube video/album/playlist/board game for the night's entertainment.

They trust that you'll pick the best choice. Just no more House of Cards on repeat, got it?


Tell us; how do you know when a vapehead is into you? Leave a comment below!