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25 Spring-Inspired Post-Vape Acitivities

Spring is here! That's right everyone, you heard correctly. Today is the first day of Spring, and it's time to throw your winter coats back into the depths of your closet and bust out the umbrellas. Forget spring cleaning for now, you can get that after your spring vape session. The cold can't bring us down anymore! Now, we're finding ourselves vaping more outside and we're loving it.

Spring Break usually means hitting the beach, or the pool if you're not lucky enough to be a mile away from the beach like we are. But watch out; the beach is littered with kids on their break from school, and there's nowhere to park. Thankfully, we've got our vape pens in hand to deal with that craziness!

With the sun shining and birds chirping, we're feeling inspired.  If you need some new ideas for fresh spring-related after-vape sesh activities, you've come to the right place.

  • Get nostalgic with it; run through some sprinklers kid style,¬†blow bubbles, climb a tree, fly a kite!
  • Invest in some solid¬†rain boots
  • Get a kiddie pool and fill it up with water for your dog (and you too! We don't judge.)
  • Have a picnic in a park and make sure you have enough #vapesnacks to last you
  • Hit up a farmers market and go strawberry picking


  • Go camping, or just set up a tent in your backyard
  • Shoot some hoops
  • Ride a bike outside instead of inside at the gym
  • Go to the zoo. Learn about their conservation efforts and see some cool animals
  • Find a friend with a boat!


  • Go¬†kayaking or canoeing if you can't find said friend
  • Have a barbecue and invite all your friends over
  • Go to an outdoor show. It is music festival season, after all!
  • Go¬†putt-putting
  • Make homemade lemonade


  • Dine outside whenever possible
  • Go to a spring training baseball game
  • Take a road trip across the country, across the state, to the next city. Just get out there!
  • Find a new #vape destination
  • Go snorkeling or get scuba certified and dive¬†60 ft below


  • Check out a nature preserve or scrub that you've never been to
  • Lay in a field of flowers
  • Learn to skateboard
  • Go jetskiing
  • Or, if you're a Floridian like us, you'll probably just end up vaping on the couch. In the air conditioning. Because it's hot.


As vapeheads, we try and go green as much as possible. We are generally real earth-loving folk and appreciate our planet and try and keep it clean. One thing we encourage you all to do this spring is plant some flowers or vegetables, a small tree in your yard, or even make a terrarium. Going green is something to celebrate!

What are your favorite spring activities? Let us know; we've got three months of this ahead, so we could use all the ideas we can get!