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VapeWorld’s 2015 Burning Man Guide: The Essentials

Combine the following into one:

Sand. Fire. Radical Self-Expression.

The outcome? Bliss.

Or Burning Man; whichever beat you stomp to.

Now, the excitement of rushing off to the desert to unplug from modern life and to connect with souls from all over the world is a no-brainer that would have anyone ‚ÄúOn My Way!‚ÄĚ BUT, for the rookies, we advise packing the essentials in order to avoid having to exit stage left before the match¬†ignites.

Crash Proof Essentials for 2015:

10694202_10152381528968333_7582114330513687918_o Photography by Randon Vannucchi & Bailey Hendren 

Housing Accommodations:

This is an interesting one...


  1. Tents are go-to for #DesertLife. I’ve seen people try to pack a small crew into a Prius with the A/C running; which leads to our next line of defense...
  2. Spare Gas Tank + Gas - Remember, you’re in the desert...Touché; oil rigs everywhere, BUT you need to fill up as often as possible. Avoid calling AAA (they won't come anyway) and bring a spare tank. The stranded will love you when the time comes to take off. 
  3. Sleeping bag - Simple. Effective.
  4. Ear Plugs - Not everyone sleeps at the same time!
  5. Tarp  - Keep the tent stoop clean
  6. Lighting - Led lights | Headlamps | Lanterns | Flashlights | Glow Sticks
  7. Chairs (your back will eventually give out sitting criss-cross apple me)
  8. Table - Food + Sand = ?
  9. Camp Marker - PVC piping + creative flag = LAND HOME! 
  10. Solar Panel Changer - What better way to harvest some battery power while in the desert. Cut down on excessive packing and bring the Summit Weekender vaporizer pack by Vapium.
  11. Spare Key - Unless you have access to Amazon's drone delivery service, Mom isn’t going to be able to drop them off without a defibrillator.
  12. Tickets/ID - Keep everyone's tickets in one bag, locked inside the glove box-- until you physically get to the gate.

Element Protection:


Wind. Fire. Water. Sand. Sun... Multiple by 10

  1. Dust Mask - Mandatory. Mandatory. Mandatory. Check out these neoprene masks
  2. Sunscreen  - You want a tan -- Yes. Not chard skin. Play it safe.
  3. Condoms - Again, play it safe.
  4. First Aid Kit - Shit happens.
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Shade -  Use your imagination! Remember the good ol' fort days?
  7. Lotion
  8. Head Gear - Hats | Helmets | Head Wraps | Etc.
  9. Eye Car - Goggles | Contacts | Glasses | Eye Drops
  10. Waterproof Bags
  11. Nasal Spray
  12. Mister - Find one with a built-in fan.
  13. Towel -  Practical. 



Let’s face it. You’re going to smell. If you don’t mesh well with rising temperatures, pack the following:

  1. Deodorant
  2. Baby Wipes - Skip the shower
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Portable Shower  - If you're really fancy, check out TexSport's Deluxe Camp Shower Shelter

Nom Nom Nom:

  • Water -¬†2 gallons of water per person/per day - Bare min. Seriously.¬†
  • Ice¬†- "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot"
  • Alcohol¬†- Optional. Needed to press play on the song above.
  • Electrolytes¬†- Stock up on the coconut water. You can't go wrong with Zico's Chocolate Coconut Water

Noming Tools:

  1. Eat With - Cups | Plates |Utensils | Tupperware
  2. Cook With - Portable Stove | Propane/charcoal |  Cooler | Waterproof Matches | Can Opener | Cork Screw
  3. Clean With - Sponge | Biodegradable Soap | Vinegar



  1. Jackets - Rain (a must) | Faux Fur (be kind) | Leather | Fleece  
  2. Tops - Your choice. An array from bikini's to body-paint to emergency heating blankets can be found wandering the sand
  3. Shoes - Flip-Flops | Boots | No shoes?
  4. Underwear - Thermal (40 degrees at night is common) | Breathable (100 degrees during the day is also common) 
  5. Costumes - To get the full experience.



The only way to get around Black Rock City...

  1. Bicycle - Lock | Spare Tube/Tire | Decor | Lighting
  2. *See 1


  1. Tanks & Mods  - Using a lighter is a bit challenging in the wind. Stick to modern vaping; your body will also thank you.
  2. Batteries - Serve the dual purpose of vaping and charging with the Innokin MVP 3.0 
  3. Tape
  4. Ropes - Don't let your home away from home go flying
  5. Trash/Recycle Bags
  6. Notebook
  7. Pocket Knife 
  8. Sharpie 
  9. Safety Pins
  10. Cameras - Some of the best photo's you will ever capture can be taken at Burning Man.
  11. Polaroid Camera - Memories for your new friends. TIP: Hashtag the back with that Sharpie if you plan to digitize
  12. Walkie Talkies - Service is scarce. Don't chance it.
  13. Gifts for Strangers - Who doesn't love gifts?
  14. Musical Instruments -  Excluding the iPod. 

Just in Case:


An Escape Plan.