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VapeWorld Memorial Day Sale

It’s a beautiful day today – sunny and warm, and VapeWorld is excited to get the three day Memorial weekend started. We’re so excited, in fact, that we started a really great sale on our site.

Now through Tuesday, May 26th, get exclusive access to a $50 credit towards your next order when you spend $285. We’ll deliver your exclusive coupon code on Monday, June 1, and it won’t expire until the end of the year. You’ll have plenty of time to get everything you want!

What we’re vaping on this weekend:

Vapium Summit: This small & rugged vape is great for any outdoor activity. Pair it with the optional solar charger accessory and never run out of batteries at an inconvenient time again. It can even charge your cell phone, so it’s great if you’re planning on doing some hiking or climbing this summer. It's also perfect for those music festivals and events happening all over the country this weekend!

Memorial Day

After you’re done grabbing your favorite vape during our sale, get out and enjoy your weekend! Wherever you end up, be it the beach, a concert, a parade, a barbeque or something else, have fun and stay safe, especially if you’re traveling.

We like living vicariously through other people, so tell us what you’re doing in the comments below! Even if you’re taking the opportunity to rest and relax, or have to work through the holiday, we’d love to know about it. Some of us are staying in this weekend, so you’ll be in good company.