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VapeWorld Friday Fun Day - Jumble

The North American Scrabble Championship was fought this week in Reno, Nevada. We held our own tourney here in the VapeWorld offices and thought we'd share in the fun by making up some JUMBLE puzzles for our readers. Test your might and see how many you can solve!

VOLCANOHINT: You might find this vaporizer hanging out in the Hawaiian Islands with a hot air balloon.

VAPORIZERHINT: The single greatest technological achievement of the 21st century.

VAPIUMHINT: They created the Summit Weekender Kit and brought a solar charger to vaping.

VAPEWORLDHINT: The most amazing website you will ever visit in your lifetime.

TEMPERATUREHINT: You'll want to get this just right to create the perfect vaping experience.

QUICKDRAWHINT: This vaporizer can handle liquid, dry and concentrates all in one device.

PAXHINT: 3 little letters, one big vaping experience.

OVENHINT: Some of you might be thinking cookies, but this always makes us think of vaping.

GRPOHINT: Snoop is a big fan.

GRINDERHINT: Start big, finish small, and get your dry materials just right to vape.

FIREFLYHINT: You might have caught one in a jar years ago, but this version is way cooler...and hotter.


How many did you get? Feel free to brag in the comments below.