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Vapescapes: What Are You Listening to Today?

Get ready - it's time to pump up the jams! Tune into Vapescapes Vol 2. for our April Holiday edition playlist!

We're feeling particularly spectacular today as we're sure most of you vapeheads are - it is Monday, after all! ;)

While working, nothing inspires us more and gets the creative juices flowing than some sweet tunes. Music and vaping go hand in hand; it's a known fact. We hope you enjoy this playlist and maybe you'll find some new tracks you've never heard, or maybe you'll find one of your faves on here.

So grab your favorite vaporizer and turn your speakers up (or plug those headphones in if mom doesn't want to hear your racket), and listen to what we're groovin' to today on this fine April 20th!

Vapescapes Spotify playlist Vol. 2

If you love it, let us know! What are your favorite vape tunes? We want to hear what you're jamming out to today. If you've got suggestions, leave us a comment!