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Vapescapes: Tune Into VapeWorld's Spotify Playlists

Let's face it; there aren't many things better after a vape session than taking in some good tunes on your favorite pair of headphones. Whether stoking the creative process, elevating one's mood, or assisting us in staying on task at work, everyone has his or her own musical zone in which they thrive. We also know that sometimes you just need some time to sit back, relax and chill‚Ķ And that's just what this week's Vapescapes playlist is for, celebrating the art of beat-heavy and ethereal tracks that are sure to keep your head noddin' and your spirits high ‚Äď as the year winds to a close, and the holiday rush reaches its epic crescendo around you.

And speaking of holiday rush, folks, it's still not too late to get in on some good vaporizer or accessory deals across the VapeWorld site. For instance, if you'll be on the go lots over the next couple of weeks, might we suggest a portable vaporizer? Not quite sure what to get? Give our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide a perusal for some great ideas. Think how cool you'll be on arrival at all the holiday parties with your fresh new vaporizer and an epic Spotify playlist, to boot. You go, you!

As we forge ahead into 2015 with the momentum of 2014 at our backs, we'll be¬†creating more of these playlists, under the "Vapescapes" banner, so feel free to¬†chime in and let us know what you think of 'em. And, hey, if you've got some¬†suggestions for some of our upcoming installments, let us know ‚Äď we want to¬†hear them! In all seriousness, we hope you're having an awesome holiday¬†season, and here's hoping you find at least a few tracks you dig on Vapescapes¬†Vol. 1: "A Magic Flight to Winter Island".


Vapescapes Vol. 1: A Magic Flight to Winter Island


Vapescapes Spotify playlist