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VapeDestinations: International Museum Day

There's something magical about visiting an old museum, whether you've been there so many times that you know where all the best pieces can be found, or it's your very first time. 

Museums are inspiring, quiet (for the most part), and each one is unique in their own special way. Visiting one with a friend or even alone can be a real eye-opening experience, and let's face it, where else are you going to find yourself up close and personal with a dinosaur?

We had fun researching and picking out some of the coolest museums around the world to feature in this post, and there are a ton to pick from! So get ready to get cultured and check out these great #vapedestinations!

American Museum of Natural History - New York City, New York

museum img via nythroughthelens

Escher Museum - Netherlands

museum img via foursquare

Louvre Museum - France

museum img via emaze

City Museum - St. Louis, Missouri

museum img via apartmenttherapy

Guggenheim Museum - Spain

museum img via lonelyplanet

Natural History Museum of Paris - France

museum img via batteredluggage

The National Art Center - Japan

museum img via flickr

Salvador Dali Museum - St. Pete, Florida

museum img via thecoolist

Egyptian Museum - Cairo, Egypt

museum img via arabacademy

Pretty amazing, right? Didn't get enough? Take a peek at some of the future museums that will be opening up soon!

What's the coolest museum that you've ever been to? Leave a comment and let us know!