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VapeWorld’s Music Festival Essentials

2014 has quickly turned into the Year of the Music Festival. It seems that almost every major publication has created their Top 10 or Top 40 list of must-see festivals, the majority of which are headlined by Outkast. Yes, it’s true; Outkast will be headlining more than 40 festivals throughout Spring and Summer of 2014… and we thought we were busy!

VapeWorld staff will be present at quite a few of these events in an unofficial capacity. That’s right, folks; you may unknowingly dance your pants off next to one of our very own! Don’t worry, we won’t judge your enthusiastic “Running Man” or “Dougie” reenactment (out loud, anyway).

Hangout Music Fest | VapeWorld

Over the years we’ve compiled mental lists of music fest must-haves, most of which were realized the hard way. For example, it pays to read a music festival’s list of “What Not to Bring”!

So, in the spirit of sharing our collective knowledge, may we present to you:

VapeWorld’s Music Fest Essentials!

Bonnaroo Music Fest | VapeWorld

Don’t Forget:

  • Your ticket! If you forget your ticket, you’re gonna have a bad time
  • Camelbak hydration pack. If these are allowed at the festival you’re attending, it will be your lifesaver during long, hot summer dance marathons. Arrive with an empty pack and fill it up inside the event.
  • A fully charged phone. Or enjoy having no phone at all!
  • Sunscreen. Don’t ruin the last couple days of your trip by getting a bad sunburn on the first day. Peeling skin is definitely not in this season.
  • Hat & sunglasses. See above.
  • The festival schedule. There’s no way you’ll remember if your favorite Bonnaroo acts are going to be at This Tent, That Tent, or The Other Tent.
  • Photo ID. Just in case!
  • A printed copy of important contact names, numbers, and the address of your hotel.
  • Cash. For food, for water, for fun!
  • Comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking a lot. Like a whole lot of lots.
  • A small drawstring backpack. If you absolutely, positively must bring more items that can fit in your pockets, then do yourself a favor and bring a small backpack. Many festivals (Hangout Music Festival, for example) have rules against framed or large backpacks, and some festivals even have an express lane for non-toters.
  • Baby wipes. You’ll thank us later…

Bonnaroo Music Fest | VapeWorld

Don’t Even Think About It:

  • Whistle. Please don’t be “that guy” trying to – ahem – enhance the performance. Pretty please.
  • Kites. You’ll be way too busy to fly a kite, anyway.
  • Weapons of any kind; slingshots included. We know you’re smarter than that, but it’s worth mentioning.
  • Pets – except certified service dogs. Leave Fido at home for this one.
  • Glass containers. They’re hazardous and breakable – not a good combination.
  • Fireworks, sparklers, or other explosives. This should be self-explanatory!
  • Skateboards, Segways, or scooters. You won’t have any room to use one.
  • Professional camera or recording equipment, detachable lenses, tripods, etc. As indie rock duo Matt and Kim sang, “No time for cameras. We’ll use our eyes instead.”
  • Glow sticks. Generally, these are reserved for staff use only.

Bonnaroo Music Fest | VapeWorld

One last thing… It can be easy to get caught up in the music and drop your plastic water bottle or candy wrapper on the ground but, please, pick up your trash and dispose of it in a proper receptacle. Leave your mark in a good way: Spread the good vibes, respect your Mother (Earth), and try your best to leave places better than you found ‘em!

Have a blast this summer, stay hydrated, and let us know what concerts or festivals you’ll be at this summer!

Bonnaroo Music Fest | VapeWorld

Images via Hangout Music Festival and Bonnaroo