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My 10 Favorite Places to Vape by Sheera!

Hello! My name is Sheera and I have one awesome job. As a Service Representative at Vape World, I get to assist people with products that I truly believe in.

At Vape World I have the pleasure of speaking with some of the coolest people around. I also get to test, use and recommend various vaporizers that have really changed the game!

The portable vaporizing movement has opened up a world of possibilities for us movers and shakers. Here is a list of my top ten favorite places to vaporize. Feel free to comment and let us know about your stellar spots to vape.

favorite places Pax making an appearance on the intracoastal!

1. Bikini, sunscreen and don’t forget the….portable!

The beach is my favorite place to use my portable vape. Who doesn’t enjoy soaking up the sun and relaxing?

2. Where other methods aren't allowed!

Have you ever gone to see a movie and halfway through the intro previews you’re craving aromatic blends? It is one of the biggest let downs of all time. That is precisely why I love my portable unit for vaping at the movies.

3. Take in the greenery at your local park!

As a person who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, I find taking my portable vape with me to the park allows me to escape the grind of the everyday city. Having grown up outside of Manhattan, there is nothing better than sitting on a park bench, vaping and taking in the scenery. Even if you only have a few minutes to escape, try it next time you’re near an outdoor recreation area.

favorite places Relaxing at the dog park!

4. At the in-laws

I could not decide if this should have been number one on my list. I mean c’mon, it’s a no-brainer. I always bring two portable vaporizers with me when visiting my in-laws. It really helps to lighten the experience!

favorite places Solo on the go!

5. Stuck in traffic doesn't have to suck!

There is nothing that calms me down more than taking out my portable while I sit on the highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Aside from wishful thinking of teleportation, I always find myself extremely upset in those situations. I especially love to use Peppermint and Green Tea.

6. Shop til you drop, or your battery runs out!

As an avid shopper, who may be bordering addiction, fusing my two favorite things together makes for an awesome outing. My fiancé hates visiting the mall and always used to complain about how long I took in each store. Now I simply grab a portable unit on my way to the mall and there is nothing but pure happiness from all parties involved!

favorite places Volcano on the nightstand!

7. Goodnight moon…

Remember when your parents would read to you before bed? Yeah… I don’t remember that either. But like a good book before bed, my portable vaporizer tucks me in before I drift off to sleep. Goodnight stars, goodnight air… good night portable vape that I take everywhere.

8. Disney World: It’s not just for kids!

Theme parks are awesome. Rides, games, fun! Taking my portable with me just enhances the experience and keeps an even bigger smile glued on my face! I suggest sticking to the roller coasters… who doesn’t love a thrill? Just be careful when riding the spinning teacups!

9. Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn.

Hotels are fun! Jumping on freshly made beds, not cleaning up, ordering room service, the possibilities are endless! My portable vape can be used in any room and I do not have to worry about paying an extra fine!

favorite places Sssshhhhhhh!

10. Bars - Who needs alcohol?

As someone who does not really enjoy alcohol, I love that I can join my friends at a local bar and use my portable vaporizer. It makes me feel included and also makes me look like a rock star. Whip out a vape to impress the ladies or gents. I guarantee you will get some numbers!

What places can you add to this list? Leave your suggestions in a comment below… the most creative idea gets a free Vape World goodie bag!

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