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Staff Tips & Tricks: Firefly Vaporizer

After a year of playing around with the Firefly vaporizer and perfecting our techniques, our staff has compiled the top tips and tricks for this classic portable vaporizer. Read up on these tips and tricks, so you're vaping like the pros in no time!

 Using your Firefly vaporizer

  • Hand-tear – Instead of grinding your material really fine, try hand-tearing your material or just turning it once or twice in the grinder. If your material is too fine, it can travel through the vapor path and cause a less than stellar experience.
  • Load – Loosely fill in the chamber and lightly tamp down on the top of the material with your fingertip, but fill it completely to the brim. You do not want your material to be too tightly secured in the heating chamber, because you want to leave room for air flow.
  • Pre-heat – To get the Firefly vaporizer warmed up, try a pre-heat! Turn the Firefly on and hold the heater button down for about 5-10 seconds. Anywhere around the 5-10 second mark, begin your draw. Test this out until you find your sweet spot. Keep in mind it’s different for everyone; some begin at 5 seconds, some begin at 8. If you feel any resistance at all, slow down your draw rate. You do not need to pull too hard on this unit; the vapor will come easily if you let it!
  • Vapor Surfing – If you would like even more vapor production, in the middle of your draw, pulse the heater button for a moment and continue your draw. Let go of the button for a count of one second and press the button again while you are still drawing the whole time.

Firefly vaporizer | VapeWorld

Preserving your Firefly batteries

Although Lithium-ion batteries naturally degrade over time, there are a few things you can do to preserve your battery’s life to the best of your ability.

  • Make sure that you are turning your Firefly vaporizer on only when you are going to use it, and turn it off when you are finished. This sounds really simple, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s on since it doesn’t produce heat when you’re not holding the heater button down.
  • Don’t leave your battery (or the Firefly vaporizer) in a hot car or somewhere very cold. This can deplete your battery’s life much faster than normal.
  • Only use the designated Firefly AC adapter and external charger with your battery.
  • Remove your battery from the charger as soon as you notice that it has finished charging.


Firefly vaporizer | VapeWorld

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