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Staff Tips and Tricks: Arizer Solo by Laurie!

Hi! My name is Laurie and I can honestly say I have one of the best jobs in the world!  Being a Customer Service Rep for Vape World I have the privilege of talking with all of you about the vaporization movement!

Arizer Solo Fits great in the palm of your hand!

Thinking about purchasing an Arizer Solo? If you already have, you have made an excellent choice! Below, I will help you get to know your new (or hopefully soon-to-be-new) device by giving you some tips and tricks that I have learned over my time at Vape World.

Before you use your Solo for the first time you will notice the mouthpiece is a bit difficult to fit inside the heating chamber, but don't worry, it is supposed to be this way. My suggestion is to first heat your device up to temperature 7; it will take a couple minutes to reach its maximum temperature. By holding the mouthpiece at its base, press the stem into the heating crevasse as it sits on a sturdy surface. You might need to use some force while also wiggling it until it finally pops in. Don't worry, the glass mouthpieces are strong and will not break. The reason why it is so tough to insert the mouthpiece into the unit for the first time is because Arizer has equipped the Solo with a rubber O-Ring to firmly keep the mouthpiece inside your Solo while in use. Therefore it needs to be "broken-in" the first time you use it.

Arizer Solo Inserting Mouthpiece into Solo

Once you have your Solo ready to use for the fist time, make sure to completely drain the whole battery until it's completely dead. Re-charge the battery to full capacity after you have drained the battery. The Solo runs off a Lithium-ion battery and this is standard procedure for these type of batteries in order to maximize their life.

When filling up the mouthpiece chamber make sure you grind your aromatic blends. Since the Solo does not utilize a mesh screen (finally!), make sure to not grind your blends too finely. If your material is too fine, there is a chance it will be pulled through as you're taking your draws. On the plus side, no mesh screens means maintenance is a breeze!

Arizer Solo Glass screen.. No mesh!!

To take a draw from your Arizer Solo, make sure to take a slow steady draw. You might notice that taking a draw this way will produce much more vapor than taking a fast one. The rate of your draw will determine the 'thickness' of your vapor.

Once you are ready to empty out your chamber, hold the mouthpiece up-side down to pull it out of the base unit gently. This way your blends will stay tucked in minimizing spillage.

I really love my Solo and think it's such an amazing portable vape! Not only does it produce high-quality vapor,  it can also tag along with you while you're on the go! Going on a vacation? Take your Solo with you! The Solo can be stored in a VapeCase to be traveled with ease.

Your Solo does not require much maintenance unlike so many other portable vaporizers out today. So rest easy, you can mark off cleaning your vaporizer off your to-do list after reading these quick how-to clean tips! The glass mouthpiece is obviously the piece that requires a higher maintenance than the actual unit. The easiest way to clean the glass mouthpiece is to leave it overnight in isopropyl alcohol. After soaking it, make sure to wash it off with hot water. The chamber inside the unit may be cleaned with a damp Q-tip or paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and wipe thoroughly. Easy as that!

I hope I was able to provide some insights on this fantastic device. The Solo is an office favorite and hopefully it will become one of your favorites too!