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Staff Picks: VapeWorld's Top 10 Vape Destinations

We've got major wanderlust right now at VapeWorld. Wan·der·lustnoun - a strong desire to travel. Browsing through our #VapeDestination Pinterest board encourages our strong urge to get out there and explore the world. We all need a mental escape sometimes, especially if our vacation time is not for a while!

Honestly though, could we ask for a better job? Picking out beautiful pictures of our favorite destinations in sunny south Florida - it doesn't seem too rough, right? I surveyed our Marketing Department to find out what everyone's ideal vape destination would be, and was really excited about the results. It made me want to pack my backpack, grab my Summit vaporizer and head out on an adventure. Anyone else wanna join?

Some of our teammates actually had the privilege of visiting these magical places, others are just a dream waiting to come true. Some also had a really hard time picking just one place, which is completely understandable, but... I did end up forcing them to pick just one!

Here's what the creative side of the VapeWorld team chose as their top vape destination picks:


Vape Destination img via flickr


Epcot - Walt Disney World, Florida

Vape Destination img via flickr


Old Stone Fort - Tennessee

Vape Destination img via tnstateparks


Olympic National Park - Washington

Vape Destination img via roadtrippers


Crater Lake National Park - Oregon

Vape Destination img via yahoonews


Denali National Park - Alaska

Vape Destination img via fineartamerica


Melissani Cave - Greece

Vape Destination img via trover


Banff National Park - Canada

Vape Destination img via fineartamerica


Canton Tower - China

Vape Destination img via washington post


Glow Worm Cave - New Zealand

Vape Destination img via huffington post


Apparently, we are also huge nature lovers here at VapeWorld. Can you blame us?

If you want to see some more awesome destinations, take a peek at our official Pinterest. While you're there, check out some of our other favorite boards including our #vapestronomy and #vapebreak laughs. We've got something for everyone!

Where is your ideal vape destination? Send pictures or tell us a story. We want to hear from you!