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PAX 3 Accessories

Simply put, PAX 3 is a mammoth of a portable vaporizer. Small in size, but packs a powerful punch. Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic and engineered to muthaf*ckin' rip. PAX 3 is head-in-the-clouds greatness, but if you do not know about all of its dope accessories, your not fully utilizing your favorite piece. PAX 3 accessories are as varied as they come - you, the user, are in charge of your own experience. You are given the tools (the accessories...duh) to twist and turn them to achieve the ultimate sesh.

We've created a user guide to help you not just know what the PAX 3 accessories do, but how YOU can use the PAX 3 accessories to your advantage. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to try to better something when you only know something very surface-level. I'm diving deep into each PAX 3 accessory so you fully understand it and how to apply it. I'm like a f*ckin' wizard... or teacher of the cloudy variety...but whatever. If you read this PAX 3 accessory user guide and have questions, hit up the comments sections below and I'll get back to you as soon as I get the notification delivered to my inbox. I got you, buds.


PAX 3 has two different mouthpieces you can choose from, the Raised Mouthpiece or the Flat Mouthpiece. The Flat Mouthpiece has been around from the beginning, whereas the Raised Mouthpiece was just introduced with the latest PAX generation. Although they look different, the PAX 3 mouthpieces serve the same purpose. One does not give better functionality than the other. The point of having different options is for you, the user, to try ‘em both out and figure out which one is more comfortable for your lips each time you go for a toke.

Some people have said that they think the flat mouthpiece gets hotter because it is closer down to the oven. To be honest, I think that’s more of people trying to find a performance difference between the two. I polled everyone here at VapeWorld just to be sure, and the only difference because could give me between the two are the comfort levels each one provides. Some people like resting their lips flat onto PAX 3, others thought it felt more natural feeling to have the raised piece. If you have a personal experience or preference between the two, please hit up the comments section below because I’d really like to know what others think about it.


The Concentrate Insert is a PAX 3 accessory that is a precision CNC machined aluminum oven that works well with a variety of concentrate materials. Its unique design and aluminum construction provides faster heat transfer + ensures a mess-free experience no matter how you hold your device.

To vaporize concentrates, you MUST replace the oven lid with the concentrate insert. For best performance, use only 10 - 20 mg of material (about the size of a lentil) and set PAX 3 to the Med-High or High temperature settings. Compared to the standard or Half Pack Oven Lid, the concentrate insert will sit slightly raised from the bottom of the device to make it easier to remove once you're finished with a session.

1. Ensure PAX 3 oven is material-free before using concentrate insert

2. Place small amount of concentrate into chamber *Note: Avoid allowing concentrates into the two chamber tube

3. Replace chamber lid

4. Insert end piece into PAX 3 oven

5. Turn PAX 3 on and let heat for at least 30 seconds before vaporizing

6. When your vaping session is finished, turn off PAX 3 & allow to cool for 2-3 minutes before removing insert

Finding yourself in a bit of a pickle with a stuck concentrate insert? No problemo. Removing a stuck PAX 3 concentrate insert is easy peasy: warm up your device for 3 seconds, then attempt to wiggle out your insert. Make sure to clean your insert thoroughly afterwards.


The PAX 3 comes with a magnetic charging dock that charges via USB cord. This PAX 3 accessory is a complete charging kit, meaning the you receive one charging cradle and one USB cord.

How to charge the PAX 3:

1. Plug one side of USB cable into charging dock

2. Plug the other side of the USB cable into a computer

3. Place PAX 3 vaporizer on it’s dock

4. LED light petals will begin pulsing white to show that the PAX 3 is charging

5. All four LED light petals will become solid white when fully charged

3500 mAh BATTERY:

The 3500 mAh battery from the PAX 3 accessory line has about 17% more battery capacity than the 3000 mAh battery the PAX 2 is equipped with.

To find the battery level, gently shake the PAX 3 vaporizer. White LED light petals will light up to indicate how much battery is available. The more petals lit, the more charge PAX 3 has.

- One petal: 0-25% charge

- Two petals: 25-50% charge

- Three petals: 50-75% charge

- Four petals: 75-100% charge. PAX 3 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid


The Cleaning Kit by PAX 3 comes with 20 pipe cleaners and a 9ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Pipe cleaners will flex and cut into the tightest corners, cleaning the tucked-away buildup in your PAX 3 vaporizer. The textured surface acts a magnet in attaching itself to the hard-to-reach small particles. Isopropyl alcohol is a solvent that is the most effective tool at eroding tough buildup and residue. It evaporates quickly, leaving nearly zero oil traces in your PAX 3 vaporizer.

Cleaning your PAX 3 vaporizer has several important benefits:

- Assurance that you are not breathing-in any contaminants

- Smooth, pure vapor

- Prolonged lifespans of your device

- Less overheating


The PAX 3 Multi-Tool is the perfect accessory to pack and remove material from your vaporizer. The PAX Multi-Tool will be key when you packing your the oven - utilize it to firmly tamp down the dry herb. For smaller loads, use the PAX Multi-Tool with the half-pack oven lid - you will get the best performance while using less material. For as tightly as you should pack the dry herb, remember that you still allow air flow into the oven.


The PAX 3 screen is a solid plate with a screen-like pattern; no actual holes. The design allows for maximum heat transfer and channels vapor as you draw on the device.


PAX 3 vaporizer uses conduction heating, so it's important to grind your loose-leaf material and always pack it down firmly. The standard Pax 3 oven holds about 0.35 grams of ground material. If you'd like to use less than a full oven of loose-leaf, switch to the Half Pack Oven Lid. The Pax 3 Half Pack Oven Lid can be packed with about 0.17 grams of material. The amount the ovens can be packed with may vary with moisture content and level of grind.


Bluetooth allows PAX 3 to receive firmware upgrades on the fly. Additionally, PAX 3 pairs Bluetooth to the PAX Vapor App. This app allows users to customize the LED light colors, change the brightness, and adjust the temperature for the perfect hit.


You can control your PAX 3 experience with the PAX Vapor App. Access temperature and flavor options not available through the device alone. Create tailor-made sessions just for you and keep your device working at its best with regular firmware updates. You can also customize the LED color themes, making each experience epic.

Temperature: Optimize for flavor or vapor quantity

Customization: Name your device, select colors and control PAX 3 vibration

Security: Lock your PAX 3 to control use

Firmware: Get updates to keep your device current

To find out about all of the modes and functions the the app, check out the PAX VAPOR APP user guide we created to make maneuvering the PAX 3 a cinch. In the guide we’ll explain:

- Device lock

- How to connect to the app

- What to do if you lost connection

- 5 different Dynamic Modes (Standard, Boost, Efficiency, Stealth, Flavor)

- Changing app temperature

- Matching app temperature to device temperature

- Early temperature vibration