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Mother Earth: The Original VapeWorld

Love astronomy? You've gotta see this! Check out Planet Earth as you've never seen it before.

If you follow the VapeWorld Instagram channel, you know we're big fans of astronomy. We even compile some of our favorite shots of stars, planets, and galaxies on our #Vapestronomy Pinterest board, to enjoy later during a #vapebreak. So you can imagine how psyched we were this morning when we read a Slate article highlighting a video that shows our planet's water vapor in thermal infrared.

James Tyrwhitt-Drake uploaded this video that gives us a glimpse into what our mere human eyes can't otherwise see. Check it out below. To give you a bit of context before your mind is blown, the animation shows Earth in infrared light from November 20th, 2014 to January 26th, 2015. The water vapors make up the darker areas in the video (not the mesmerizing white swirls).

So grab your vape, sit back, and be amazed.