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Modern Innovators: The Geniuses of Tomorrow

When you think of inventors, you may think of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, or our good friend Benjamin Franklin. But what about the modern inventors of today?


We are living in extraordinary times, where our watches can now send messages, make calls and check our heartbeats rather than just simply telling us the time. The future of entertainment and technology is among us, and it's only picking up from here!

Care to strap a jetpack on you and fly over Dubai? No problem.

3D printers creating artificial body parts? Not an issue!

And If your Mom won't let you have a dog because she's allergic, you should introduce her to Spot! He's only 160 lbs, and most likely won't make a mess. Spot is electrically powered and his head is a sensor that helps him find his way around, so he can pretty much walk himself too!


Please note that we do not condone kicking robot dogs, but we are sure this nice fellow is just demonstrating how Spot is able to avoid falling over!

With technology such as the GoPro, people are able to capture their incredible adventures, such as using a flying suit to glide gracefully over mountains in Switzerland. Sign us up for that, please!


Additionally, as vaporization is becoming the future, we are also seeing many innovative features in new vaporizer technology such as with the Firefly, a dynamic convection style vape that made its way on to the scene in late 2013. The Firefly's features were designed to create the best user experience possible by being intuitive and responsive to the user's needs. The Firefly allows you to be in complete control of your vapor by 'surfing' the heater button to produce thicker or thinner vapor, whatever your preference is.

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