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MJ Arsenal's Armada: The Martian + King Toke

MJ Arsenal has entered the smoking arena blunts blazin’ with two smoke shows, The Martian™ and King Toke. Bringing out-of-this-world experiences to the pre-rolled game, MJ Arsenal is packed full of innovation. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and perfect for on-the-go sessions, The Martian and King Toke are the trailblazers of the modern era of functional glass.

  • The original Blunt Bubblerâ„¢
  • Palm-Sized Water Filtration For On-The-Go Sessions
  • Spill-Resistant Design
  • Ergonomically Placed Carb Hole To Allow For A Natural Grip
  • Patent Pending Function & Design

The Martian and King Toke are patent pending for both function and design. The only difference between the two is shape; The Martian is an egg-shape that resembles an extraterrestrial spacecraft, whereas King Toke is pyramid-shaped obelisk. Both styles have ergonomically placed carb holes to allow the user to have a natural grip and come with a pendant hook.

MJ Arsenal Martian and King Toke

Don’t let the fun-size fool you, these premium, hand-blown filtration devices can rip! Small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket or the palm of your hand, The Martian and King Toke bring the ritual of smoking to the next level by providing portable water filtration and hand-held functionality. To use: simply fill each functional glass piece with water and place a pre-rolled blunt into the female adapter. Due to percolation, each draw will deliver smooth, satisfying smoke.

Silicone bumpers wraps around the base of the unit, keeping the water-filled device in-place and weighted toward the base, allowing for better balance of your pre-rolled blunt. Bumpers come in a 3-pack (black, blue, and green).