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May the 4th Be With You

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....




Episode V

The Way of the Vape


It is a period of intense debate. Traditional methods, dwindling in popularity, have given rise to a new way of consumption in the form of Vaporization.

Vapers search the galaxy to find the right vape for their unique vaping experience. Denizens are struggling between the forces of the dry vape, and the liquid. Desktop or Portable? The choices are endless, and hope is waning.

Millions of enthusiasts are waging war with their indecision and the Vaporization Alliance is ready to unleash its ultimate weapon, THE VAPEWORLD, custodian of the best selection of premium vaporizers this side of Tosche Station. Their new hope is to educate those seeking to learn the way of the Vape...

May the 4th

Darth Vaper: PUFFiT

This stealthy, portable vape will take your breath away without requiring an additional helmet with a breathing apparatus. Don't let its innocent design fool you, the force is strong with this vape.

May the 4th

Anakin Skyvaper: Volcano

Mirroring the firey mountain from which it gets its name, the Volcano is a good reminder why we should never play with matches. This desktop vaporizer will change you, without making you more machine than man.

May the 4th

Moda: MFLB

Vape, you must. Let the vapor flow through you and become one with the force of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. The MLFB is your best bet for floating R2 out of the swamps of Degobah and completing your journey to the light side of The Force.

May the 4th

Obi Wand: Life Saber

May the force of this vape be with you, always. The Life Saber Vaporizer helps the Jedi keep peace in the Galaxy, and gives you a cool blue glow when you're giving advice to young Jedi Padawans.

May the 4th

Emperor Paxatine: PAX 2

This portable vape is one of the most powerful and popular in the galaxy. Even a Sith Lord needs to relax, and what better way than a quick game of Simon on the PAX 2. If he can make it to 100, he just might be able to stop the rebel alliance in its tracks.

May the 4th

Luke Skyvaper: Firefly

This portable vape is known to surf the sands of Tatooine on its way to pick up some power converters at Tosche station. Don't forget to pack some concentrate pads to help you bring balance to The Force.

May the 4th

LI-ION Organa: Quickdraw 300

This slim, sleek and elegant vape is ready for anything; liquid, dry material or concentrates, there's nothing the 300 DLX can't handle. It's no wonder everyone from Hutts to Corelians wants to get their hands on it.

May the 4th

Han Vapo: Arizer Solo

This portable vape has been known to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, and it definitely shot first. It looks great on the dashboard of The Millennium Falcon and it knows you love it.

May the 4th

Chewbacco: The Mighty

Laugh it up, fuzzball, but this vape lives up to its name. As strong as it loyal, The Mighty is also portable, and ready to make a run with Han whenever the need arises. Just remember if you play any vape games to let the Wookie win.

May the 4th

C3P-Ohm: Transporter

The only vape fit for a Golden God is the Atmos Transporter. This vape will definitely enhance your storytelling skills, especially if you get a little help from The Force to float on some magical vape clouds.

May the 4th

Artoo Wispr2: Iolite Wispr 2

This vape says a lot, without ever speaking a single word. Colorful and compact, it's known throughout the galaxy as a sturdy and unflappable ally. But, it also isn't afraid to throw a little sass at you when it's really deserved.

May the 4th

Lando Cartridgian: Cloud 2.0

From his penthouse high atop vape cloud city, the Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer is the coolest cat in the galaxy. It's not afraid to go full Cheetah and win the swag award each year. Make sure to share, cause you don't want to get caught selling your friends out.

May the 4th

Bobag Fett: Vapium Summit

No bounty is too big for the slate, sage and covert colors of the Vapium Summit. It loves to show off its sleek look after stripping off its Mandalorian Armor. Its name is derived from the peaks it climbs to steer clear of the Sarlacc Pit.

May the 4th

G Maul: G Pro

Known throughout the galaxy for its style and swagger, the G Pro doesn't mess around. It flawlessly wields the dual weapons of Art & Science. Best of all, it even has direct com links to the galactic senate of the planet Snoop.

Did we miss your favorite character? Which vape would they be? Leave us a comment and let us know, and May the 4th be with you!