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Introducing the Teensy Bake Oven

Ever experience the struggle of wanting something to snack on after you vape, but you only want a small bite of a certain treat? Or you just want to sample all the things? The Teensy Bake Oven just may be for you!

The Teensy Bake Oven has been long awaited. Overdue, if you will. Vapeheads around the globe have been asking; where can I get a delicious bite sized delight? Well, look no further, friends. We've heard your cries and we've finally delivered.

Baked in under 60 seconds! No time or extra effort wasted here.

Made out of only the finest aircraft aluminum and hand-crafted in the good ol' US of A, the Teensy Bake Oven is sure to please any culinary enthusiast with its skills and high quality craftsmanship. It's so easy to use, you can even use it after you vape! Just make sure you've got your two thimble oven mitts on...

Each Teensy Bake Oven Purchase Comes With The Following:

  • One Teensy Bake Oven
  • One Tiny Spatula made from recycled pen caps.
  • One Wooden Spoon fashioned from re-purposed toothpicks.
  • One Aluminum Pan made from recycled energy drink cans.
  • One Cleaning Cloth 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches.
  • Two Thimble Oven Mitts made from 100% cashmere.

This is the perfect opportunity to offer your friends a bite sized treat! But just a bite, because you don't want them eating all your food, am I right?

Teensy Bake Oven

There are so many wonderful options to choose from! Baby Brownie, Pint Size Pizza, Wee Waffles, Minuscule Muffin, Small Scale Cereal, Shortbread, Tiny Treat, Puny Pancake, Cute Cupcake, Tiny Turnover, and Less is S'more!

Coming Summer 2015: Petite Pecan Pie, and Itsy Bitsy BBQ Brisket!

We're personally loving the Shortbread these days. Which mouthwatering micro morsel might you be craving?

**Limited time offer - only available today!** For a miniature price of .99¬Ę while supplies last. What are you waiting for!? Get your Teensy¬†Bake Oven¬†now!