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HOW TO USE: Firefly 2

The revolutionary Firefly 2 is a fast + easy portable vaporizer to reach for when you are ready to enjoy some dry herb happiness. Firefly 2 vaporizer heats instantly at the touch of a button, so it’s always ready when you are - there’s nothing faster! The Firefly 2’s convection heating (convection: hot air passes around + through the herb → provides superior taste) utilizes sophis-ta-mi-kated software that raises the vapor temperature from 100° F - 400° F over the course of 10 seconds. Smaller, lighter, better battery life and faster heat time makes the Firefly 2 surpass the original Firefly.

Pros of the Firefly 2 vaporizer:

  • Convection heating
  • Damn good flavor
  • Clean, smooth vapor that is never harsh
  • Dual-use: works for both dry herb + concentrates
  • Instant heating means nothing is wasted between draws
  • Extremely low maintenance

Cons of the Firefly 2 vaporizer:

  • Wuddaya nutz?!

So now that you know why it’s dope and the best portable vaporizer, let’s fill you in on how best to use this guy:


First things first, you gotta know what all of the different lights on the Firefly 2 vaporizer mean. You don’t want to start puffing on this little baby and all of a sudden a red light starts flashing…the thought that will race across your mind is something close to this: WTF IS HAPPENING HERE AHHHH?! The lights act as a guide on your vaping adventure. It’s important to decipher this spectacle of lights before you start your session because you don’t want to inadvertently ruin your herbal goodness with the wrong heat.

  • Blinking Green: Firefly 2 is heating
  • Solid Green: Firefly 2 is ready to use
  • Blinking Blue: Battery is charging (while on the dock)
  • Solid Blue: Battery is fully charged
  • Blinking Red: Battery is low and needs charging
  • Solid Red: Firefly 2 needs to cool down for a few minutes


1. Remove the magnetic lid by lifting up on either side

2. Use hand-torn or coarsely-ground material

3. Loosely fill the glass chamber slightly past the rim and tamp down gently

4. Ensure the interior surfaces are completely free of debris for a tight seal

5. Replace the lid and make sure it is seated correctly

6. Touch + glow! Place fingers on both touch sensors to start heating

*Note: Place fingers lightly on the touch sensors. Do not press down or use excessive force - the sensors are… well, sensitive duh.

7. The LED will blink green for 3 seconds and turn solid green when it’s ready - watch for the glow!

*Note: On subsequent touches, the LED will turn solid green immediately.

8. Continue to hold the touch sensors while you inhale for 10 seconds with a long, deep draw

9. Release touch sensors to stop heating

10. After a few draws, stir the contents of the heating chamber


Before you even start reading the steps below, it is important to note that you should NOT overfill the pad of the Firefly 2 vaporizer. If you have already passed GO and collected $200, you may have already overfilled the pad. If this happens, concentrate will drip inside the heating element. To fix this, use the touch sensors to heat and blow air OUT to remove matter from inside.

1. For optimal concentrate use, download the Firefly 2 app and use the “Concentrates” setting

2. Place concentrate pad in heating chamber and press firmly into the bottom of the heating chamber

3. Place small amount of concentrate material on the center of the pad. A little goes a long way!

  • Solid: about the size of a grain of rice
  • Liquid: 2-3 drops

*Note: It is important to NOT overfill the pad. See craze-induced overfilling rant above for further convincing

4. Replace the lid and make sure it is seated correctly

5. Touch + glow! Place fingers on both touch sensors to start heating

6. Continue to hold the touch sensors while taking 5 to 10 cigar style mouth puffs

7. After initial heating, return to normal inhalations


1. Plug the cable into any standard USB adaptor and connect to the Firefly 2 charging dock

2. Place Firefly 2 on the charging dock: the LED light blinks blue when charging and turns solid blue when fully charged

3. For fastest charging: use a wall adapter that is 9 Watts or higher (i.e. tablet adaptor) and Firefly 2 will charge in 45 minutes or less. Lower wattage adaptors (like a cell phone or computer USB) will take longer to charge depending on wattage.


To check battery level, tap the right touch sensor three times quickly and watch the LED indicator.

  • Four blue blinks: 100% charge
  • Three blue blinks: 75% charge
  • Two blue blinks: 50 % charge
  • One blue blink: 25% charge
  • Blinks Red: ZERO charge. It's time to plug in your Firefly 2 vaporizer!


1. Remove the battery door by pushing forward at the arrow

2. Insert battery into compartment and slide cover back into place

3. Replace battery door: place door on the back side of Firefly 2, with the arrow side closest to the mouthpiece, positioned just above the edge of the Firefly 2. Press down from top to *click* into place.