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HOW TO: Make MagicalButter Oil

We’ve all been there - in the middle of the grocery store and staring blankly at the massive, overwhelming selection of cooking oils. So many exotic names (Bertolli… Ooh la la)! So many types (olive, canola, avocado - it goes on forevs)! So many virgins (mind, meet gutter)! Stare long enough and you’ll end up in the fetal position on the floor while fellow shoppers tsk tsk tsk as they cart outta aisle 5.

Once you have eenie, meeny, miny, moe’d to pick your new bottle of cooking oil, treat your new cometh stress with special herb cooking oil! Cooking and eating with your homemade oil will be a religious experience - you’re gonna get hella enlightened and it’s all thanks to MagicalButter (and me, duh)! Follow our simple steps:


It’s important that you follow a very important, and often overlooked step - decarboxylating your herb with heat! Decarboxylation is a fancy schmancy term for “decarbing” or “activating” your herb; the slow heating of your herb will maximize effectiveness. Choosing not to decarb can end up with you decreasing the effectiveness of your material if you accidentally end up overcooking your end-product. Don’t let the big word fool ya, decarboxylation is as easy as a pulling the lever on a slot machine ::cah-ching::

How To Decarb Your Herb: Crank your oven/toaster oven up 250°F (120°C for you international honeys). While the oven is getting all hot and toasty, roughly grind your herb (do this so your herb releases all of its moisture). Need a grinder? The Aerospaced and Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are dope and priced to perfection. Line a baking sheet with some parchment paper and lay out the grinded herb in a thin, even layer. When your oven heats to 250°F / 120°C, place the pan onto a middle rack and bake your herb:

  • Bake for ½ hour if your herb was already pretty dry to begin with
  • Bake 1 hour if your herb is relatively fresh

When your herb is done getting the moisture sucked out of it, let the lil’ guy cool down for awhile.


If you are looking to achieve the most potent MagicalButter oil, here’s a higher education tidbit that’ll float you on your merry way: the higher the fat content in your oil, the better it will absorb the cannabinoids in your herb.

What Oil To Use For MagicalButter Oil: Because of its high fat content, coconut oil will yield you the most potent MagicalButter oil. Other oils that will work and will have just as delicious of a finished product are: olive, peanut, avocado, sunflower, grapeseed, sesame, walnut, or macadamia. Oils not recommended are: canola, corn and soybean. Your treasured herb is going to transform!

It is important to note the minimum and maximum amount of oil that you can put in MagicalButter machine:

  • Minimum is 2 cups/472 mL
  • Maximum is 5 cups/1180 mL


Put the correct ratio of oil and herb into the MagicalButter machine, giving the contents a good stir so the herb is properly immersed and not clinging to the walls. You’re probz like, but beloved kitchen elf, how much herb am I supposed to use? Follow the below ratio and you will be properly primed for some tasty oil:

How Much Herb To Use For MagicalButter Oil: For every 1-1.5 ounces of ground herb, you will want 2 cups of whichever oil you have chosen.


With the oil and herb in the belly of the beast, secure the head of the MagicalButter machine so there are no future instances of broken dreams and OHH F#*Ks!

How To Extract Herbs: Press the TEMPERATURE button - keep pressing until you are able to select 160°F (you’ll know it’s selected by its light turning red). The type of oil you have chosen to use will determine the next button pressed/cook time:

  • If you are using coconut oil, press the 2 Hours / Butter icon
  • If you are using ANY other oil (other than coconut), press the 1 Hour / Oil icon

Over the next one or two hours (depending on icon pressed), the MagicalButter machine will cook, stir and steep your infusion - extracting all the goodness from your herbs and putting it into your special herb oil.


The MagicalButter machine will ::beep beep:: to let you know that your extract is ready for some lovin’ and glovin'.

How To Make MagicalButter Oil: Slide on the LoveGlove™ (comes included with the MagicalButter machine) as the machine will be hot, and strain your extract using the PurifyFilter™ bag (also included). This bag is very important to use - it strains the herb matter from your extraction, meaning your MagicalButter oil will be smooth and residue free.

Bottle your special herb oil in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. Use your herb oil just like you would regular oil - cook with it, grab some crusty bread and dip in it, get creative!

The MagicalButter machine comes with a LoveGlove, PurifyFilter and 110V power cord… just add oil and some magical ingredients!