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How To Have A Volcano Party

Remember way, waaay back to elementary school when you had that science project to make a “volcano” out of paper mache, baking soda and vinegar? That was pretty cool. But, you know what’s so much more dope? A volcano that involves herbal goodness and erupts pure, tasty vapor! Science is one-hundred percent better when it’s puffable. Consider yourself back to class because you are about to get schooled in higher education… this how to have a Volcano Party!

Much like its natural formation namesake, the Volcano vaporizer will amaze, delight and let you reach new heights. Have you ever been to a party where the herbal essences are being passed around, but you have to wait your turn, and the time keeps ticking away because of the reloading and refreshing? The Volcano vaporizer is a party-perfect necessity; you can create as many blissed-out balloons as you want or need, sharing will become optional, the number of times you’ll need to refresh will equal zero, and you’ll be the host(ess) with the most(ess).